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dsdplus fastlane and sdr sharp problem


Dec 19, 2009
One thing left to adjust is receiver gain. How high can I run the gain setting without creating other problems?
It sounds like you are getting intermittent audio. I have noticed on my setup that having the dongle frequency correction correct is critical for good audio.

Have you played with the Warp setting on the Info tab for each receiver? The goal is to set the Warp so that the Window value is as close to Zero as possible.

Info Tab.PNGVFO 1 Tab.PNG

My Warp is set to -1.625 which results in a window value of close to zero on the VFO 1 tab. In this screen shot it happens to be at 1. The value of Window will vary as the radio receives the signal, the goal is to get the value to float as close to Zero as possible.

Good luck.


Jun 23, 2015
Durham Region
I spent the biggest part of yesterday trying to get an RTL-SDR dongle to work. My HP laptop running Win7 recognizes the stick as an IR receiver, at least that's how it shows up in the devices list.

Read last night NOT to put SDR# in folder Program Files(86) so that is one mistake I need to correct. I also have HDSDR installed but neither program recognizes the dongle. I'm thinking maybe I have the wrong dongle driver?

Once I get the laptop to recognize the dongle then I'll move on to DSD+ Fastlane. Any help appreciated.
When you run ZADIG and select a sdr device it need to be the one that has zero not one. Make sure you select show all devices.

zero is the radio.... 1 is the ir for the stick.


Premium Subscriber
Jun 20, 2010
Look at it as an excellent opportunity to hone your skills. Hell, I’m 70 years young and enjoy the learning process. In the interest of transparency I do have a TRX1 so immediate gratification is not a consideration.
Well I kept at it and all I had to do was remove the .EXE after FMP24 in the edit file it trunks my p25 now using just 1r and fmp24-cc