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Jul 22, 2002
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I see an individual put out a 'Denton County' article, while another put out 2 articles for SC that seem to repeat each other, and have to do with the Palmetto SC 800 system.

We already have articles that cover these 2 areas, so having articles with duplicate names or topics simply adds confusion to the mix - you don't know which one is current and up to date.

If you have data for updating articles, you can edit them yourself - but first you need to find them. Regional articles like the above are found in our collaboration area; simply go to the Wiki pulldown (blue toolbar under the Scanner Master ad) and click on Collaboration From there you can select the state, and in most cases, each state has its own list of counties.

Another way to find them is to use the Google search tool, which indexes almost everything in the site, including the wiki. In the very top blue toolbar Above the Scanner Master ad, there's a box you can type in and a 'Search' button. I know, it's not real obvious, and it really is 'hidden in plain sight'.

Anyway, type in Denton County in that box, press Search and it will find the wiki article for you. There are other options too, but that's all we need for now.

Please avoid duplicating articles like this. If those individuals want these articles dropped, please copy the data to the appropriate places, empty the articles and send me an email (as mentioned in the user guide), I'll take care of deleting them

73 Mike
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