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Easy CAD help request


Jun 8, 2018
Melbourne, Vic
Hi all,
I work in an emergency response setting within the construction industry. Currently the call taker for the emergency phone line/radio are using an old paper form to log things. I’m wanting to update to an electronic system. I don’t have access to a server and the system doesn’t need to be used by more than one user at a time. I can’t install any sort of free open source CAD solution as I don’t have any sort of server. Similarly I can’t use an externally hosted solution due to perceived data privacy concerns.
I’m looking for something for the call taking/dispatch log rather than any sort of interface for the emergency response crews to use. I’m not great with computers and can’t program my own solution. I’ve played with Microsoft forms/quizzes which have shown some promise but don’t really fit the bill.
All I need is a prototype that I could then use as a proof of concept to get something built properly. Basically it needs to:
Start with a screen that allows selection of ‘new emergency’ or to view a report. Then from there it needs to move to a screen that prompts for the standard information (caller, contact number/channel, exact location) and then allow the selection of 1 of 8 zones by the operator that will then prompt the correct crews to send. Then I think it needs a selection option for ‘fire’ or ‘medical’. After that it needs to either collect standard questions for the selected generic event type (fire or medical) and then have an ongoing call log which is time stamped and has the users name auto entered. At the end there needs to be an ‘end case’ option which generates a PDF report and is accessible via the first menu screen. Basically it’s a series of check boxes mixed with free text fields and then some prompts for the call taker based on the selection of certain criteria.
I’m not looking for someone to build this, unless you’re bored and don’t want to charge, but I’m just looking for ideas. I haven’t looked into google forms but maybe that’s an option, even though it’s off network I could control it within the corporate google account. I don’t think excel would work but I don’t know enough about it. MS access might be an option but again I don’t know how to use it well apart from modifying existing database forms and I don’t know if it can be hosted within MS365.
Thanks in advance


Premium Subscriber
Mar 2, 2004
Summer - Western NC; Winter - Tampa Bay FL
You may wish to look into MS Access as a possible solution. As databases go, Access is pretty easy to learn (lots of online videos) - I used it personally to set up some radio logging entry screens and associated reports.


Mar 12, 2014
I was in your shoes many (20+) years ago trying to update how our company was keeping track of our fleet of vehicles. I ended up creating what I needed in MS Access. I too had a mix of fields that needed to be checked or filled out. Access fit the bill at the time but I have learned of its drawbacks. As it grows in size it tends to get slower. If your call center response group grows, Access doesn't (or didn't, perhaps its changed) play well with concurrent users. I think you could create a proof of concept with Access but you'd want to move to an SQL or other database that handles data more efficiently for a final product.
Apr 30, 2008
Pittsboro IN

I have not used their latest stuff, first started doing programming when their Alpha 5 version was on 5" floppies.
The webinars I've watched look like the new stuff is very intuitive.