EFJ Ham Repeater Service Question

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Jun 29, 2009
Central KY
The Mercer County Amateur Radio Club in Harrodsburg, KY has acquired an EF Johnson CR1010 UHF repeater that was retired from commercial service. It's not ancient (built in the 1990's), is complete with the exception of the duplexer, and is a 100 watt repeater so we would love to have the chance to get it on the air. However, it will require new crystals and some retuning. We have the service manual but would love for somebody to do the work on it that is at least familiar with this kind of equipment, especially if they have worked on EFJ equipment before.

Our question for those of you on the KY Forum is this - who in Kentucky would be willing to do this kind of work for us? Also, who has a UHF duplexer available once we have the repeater tuned up and ready to go?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Not open for further replies.