EID symptoms?


Aug 6, 2007
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Has anyone around the Kansas City area noticed EMS dispatchers use the term "EID symptoms." Just by Goggling it seems to a borderline mental state? Has anyone noticed the same.
Apr 18, 2009
"EID symptoms."
Perceived excessive breathlessness during exertion or exercise-induced dyspnoea (EID)

Conditions causing EID
Individuals reporting EID are frequently looked after by nonspecialists in the community, although many are referred on to respiratory clinics with “difficult asthma” when they fail to respond to standard therapy. Others present to otolaryngologists when an upper airways cause is suspected or to psychologists with “hyperventilation syndrome” (HVS).

Figure 1 outlines the range of conditions that may present with EID and provides a possible framework for clinicians when presented with a complaint of perceived excessive breathlessness during physical activity. In studies exploring the causes of EID in young people, those with asthma are usually in the minority [15]. The most common diagnosis appears to be that the breathlessness is appropriate and that individuals are reaching their physiological limit. This can apply to those attempting to compete at the highest levels as well as those who are “deconditioned” due to lack of adequate training, obesity or indeed recent severe illness. Also common are the conditions grouped under the umbrella term dysfunctional breathing, which can be due to thoracic or extrathoracic problems and include both structural and functional causes. This area is perhaps the least well understood and researched. Patients with chronic pulmonary disease may manifest any of these as a comorbidity and this needs to be borne in mind while accepting that the disease alone can be responsible for reported EID. The prevalence of the various causes of EID in the community has not been determined.
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Dec 26, 2000
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Just listen to the EMS to Hospital radio reports where they are talking with the ER.
It will tell you a lot as well.

The EMS/Fire/PD is doing quite a lot to stay safe and still provide a level of service to help the patient get thru this as well.

It is scary and not a lot of fun to be in their shoes. Hats off to all the first responders!.



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Feb 21, 2002
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EID in this case stands for "Emerging Infectious Disease". The EMD software has an EIDS tool, which stands for "Emerging Infectious Disease Screening". So as hkrharry stated, in this case, they are stating that the patient has signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Some agencies will state "PPE ALERT" or another equivalent term.
The tool, as of a month or 2 ago was configured more to screen for Ebola (the last EID threat we faced), so it can be updated to screen for whatever the current threat/pandemic is.