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Fire Frequencies

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Apr 24, 2006
Hello fellow scanners. Below I have a few frequencies that are used for the fire departments in Montgomery County New York. The frequencies listed below are ones that are used primarily by each fire department as there own frequency to communicate with each other truck to truck, truck to base & base to truck after they are dispatched. If anyone could please take a look at my list and let me know if they can add a frequency where there is a question mark that would be much appreciated. Thank you kindly in advance for any help.

206-Ames ??
207-Amsterdam 453.3875 & 458.3875 (203.5 PL)
208-Burtonsville ??
211-Cranesville 46.380
212-Fonda ??
214-Fort Johnson 46.240
215-Fort Plain ??
216-Fultonville ??
217-Town Of Glen ??
218-Hagaman 46.500
219-Rural Grove ??
221-Town Of Florida ??
222-Town Of Mohawk ??
224-South Minden ??

Thank You
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