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Feb 24, 2001
1.0 Executive Summary
1.1. Introduction
Jurisdictions within Tarrant County are taking proactive step to improve public safety radio communications within the county. In May, 2010, the City of Worth retained Buford Goff & Associates, Inc. (BGA) to create a Regional Communications Master Plan to serve as the roadmap for the next generation radio system, for county wide public safety radio communications. The City requested that the master plan include the following: A design and technical architecture An interoperable concept of operations to connect the system with other systems, such as the North central Texas Council of Governments Regional P25 Overlay System A timeline with major milestones and a phased approach for system transition and operations, and a Budgetary estimate with funding requirements.
As part of the development process for the regional master plan, the City requested that BGA: Coordinate with all North Texas Interoperable Communications Coalition members and potential members to develop the plan. Recommend processes to procure, implement, control, and manage the regional radio system Recommend and develop a governance model that supports the master plan’s technical architecture and meets the member jurisdictions needs.
During the course of the engagement, BGA worked closely with key stakeholders in the county from the following organizations: City of Fort Worth Police, Fire, Emergency Management and ITS Tarrant County City of Arlington City of Grand Prairie North Eastern Tarrant County Radio Coalition(NETCO) City of Dallas The North Central Texas Council of Governments The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Burleson White Settlement
This widespread collaboration ensured that regional interoperability needs were well understood and properly addressed. BGA worked closely with these organizations to identify the appropriate trends in technology, potential transition strategies, and costs associated with the City’s P25 Upgrade Project supporting a Tarrant County radio system.
Regional Radio System Master Plan
The purpose of this report is to clearly communicate to the City of Fort Worth and the potential participating organizations within the county the necessary strategies, technologies, activities, costs, and schedule required to successfully implement a county-wide system to meet the public safety communication and interoperability needs of Tarrant County both now and in the future.

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