Ft60-R/E Programmer CSV file

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Dec 17, 2011
Hi there,

Fairly new to this so I hope you can help me, i bought the radio (for Ham/emergency that sort of thing) radio is FT-60R/E, since I really want to get up with the speed and don't really want to operate keypad, I also got FT 60 Programmer from RT Systems, now I will start using the radio as a listening radio only till I get Ham license and maybe I will broadcast (we will see)

hence, can you help to bascially import .CSV file thru this program for NYC and and NJ State...

I really appreciate it any good and starting comprehensive list of frequencies that is compatible with FT 60 programmmer..

I also asked in in the past if such a list exists for ProScan for scanner Uniden BCD396XT (which is simpler and I found by google a rather comprehensive list that covers both NYC/NY and NJ)

now want to do the same for FT-60 R/E

if not I will need to sit and scan every single frequency in the ether, and program it via UI...

thanks much in advance
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