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Jan 20, 2008
my gre psr 500 scanner used to receive the talk groups here in northern ontario
i would download from radio reference and all was good
now i did a new download from the site as some new groups wrer added and nothing
it used to indicate a t while scanning now just the g
seems like getting only conventional channels and no talk groups
i know our city ambulance uses the bell fleetnet system and are tiered to our fire dept so i should be getting
any answers would be a great help im not sure if something is turned off or what
i have even tryed on an external antenna attached to my ham tower and nothing


Feb 8, 2012
...i would download from radio reference and all was good
now i did a new download from the site as some new groups wrer added and nothing ..
This might not be the problem, but it sounds like the scanner is not detecting signals on the control-channel for the TRS you want to monitor.
  • When you downloaded from RR, did you include the frequencies of the tower nearest you as well as the talkgroups you want to monitor. If you only downloaded the talkgroups, and not the tower-frequencies, it would likely be a problem. Since you are not reporting a "heap error" I doubt the tower-frequencies are missing, but maybe it's worth checking to be sure.

  • With the PSR 500 family of scanners, you generally only need to download the primary control-channel and any alternates, and don't need to download the entire list of voice frequencies for the desired tower. If you haven't tried, you might include all of the voice frequencies, because the system administrator might have changed one of them into a control channel.

  • Last but not least, you might try to use the search-feature to search the appropriate band for new control-channels.
Again, the control-channel issue might not be the problem. ...just a thought.

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Apr 4, 2004
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I gotta ask... Which software package are you using to program your 500? The reason I'm asking is that while I have both PSREdit500 and Win500 and have found that each one has enough `different quirks' as to how they handle different editing situations. (Though I will also admit that I don't do all that much `download' type of programming or editing preferring to picking up and using the .PDF and .CSV files and do `manual' entry/editing. [It allows me to arrange my "Primary" and "Secondary" control channels for each tower according to said tower's locations taking into account each one's `quirks' and locations re: Distance, obstructions, whether I'm listening from my base, or will be mobile, ETC..])

I also do a somewhat similar routine with the TGs though, sometimes that occurs more with `Scanlists' than with the control channels. (My PSR700s and PSR800s are the ones that really shine with their larger selection of `Scanlists'. {Wan Grin} when dealing with edited TGs but, if one doesn't have to deal with the `insanity' that occasionally rears it's `ugly head' with how things are setup here in Colo the PSR500/600 scanners can be `massaged' almost as well.

If one has already gotten a `good base' download then one can pretty much go ahead and go with using the data from either the .PDF or .CSV to `massage' or add any new or changed Control Channels / TalkGroups as necessary. (Also... one should probably always save the `updated' programming to a new `config' / `program' file to enable `backtracking' if necessary. [Another reason why I usually work with the .PDF/.CSV files for my `updates' (I also do pretty much the same with my PSR700s/PSR800s even though it is possible to let the software or radio apply `updates' because both have that somewhat `built-in'.)])

So... what you might try doing, if you can, is go back to a funtioning setup and then build up from there a piece at a time, if that change works, save it, and `play with it' to make certain it all still works then save it and move on to the next change. After you've done that for a while it'll become easier and you'll find that, except maybe for *major* changes, it's a lot faster and even more reliable than hoping whatever you may doesn't `mess things up at that one time you took the download for speed for speed's sake. Plus, it will help you develop a `familiarity' with the system and you will maybe even be able to `get a jump' on any new changes almost before they showup in either the .PDF/.CSV files or whatever maybe included in a download. (BTW, while it might seem to be a bit of an added expense to have up-to-date versions of the WIN500/PSRedit programs there are times when you may discover that one will do something you want done easier than the other. I've gotten so that I switch between programs without actually stopping to think about do it and now really cannot categorically say why I do it, I just do it. {VB GRIN!})
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