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Hardware for Programming XTS 3000

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Salty Coxswain
Jun 25, 2017
Los Angeles County, California
TL;DR - Any Laptop recommendations for programming a Moto XTS3000 UHF?

I have had my radio for a little over six months now and during those first four I had a lot success with using CPS. I purchased a good FTDI Ribless programming cable with the included Adapter and it worked wonders. Undoubtedly A month or so ago I encountered an issue with one of my OSs while tri-booting linux, SP3, and windows ten. Ever since that incident I would always receive “failure to read” errors no matter what virtual ports I used, cable I use, or radio I use, or even if I’m using a serial port card on PCI slot. Now i'm pretty much fed up with my tower and are looking alternatives. I would prefer a laptop with XP SP3 pre installed, and has a serial port. My budget is $100 shipped and will accept any and all of your wise and experienced recommendations from a Toughbook to a Dell.

Thanks all.


Premium Subscriber
Sep 8, 2002
Dell Latitude D620, D630, D820, or D830 are four options you should be looking for.

They're very reliable, common, cheap (these days), and a first rate choice for dedicated radio programming. In the event of a rare problem, they're easy to work on and getting spares from
used units is dead simple and dirt cheap.

Run them off a small (40 or 80 GB is PLENTY) SSD and don't burden them with anything but
radio programming software. Keep it simple.

No dual/triple boot nonsense, either. Pick one OS that works and stick with it on that laptop.


There's stuff I can't tell you...
Jun 16, 2013
32 bit versions of Windows XP and Windows 7 will handle the Astro Saber CPS without an issue. Though you can get away with using a USB to Serial adapter (I've never had an issue with this route on my Mac Book Pro) it is always best to use straight serial. I've got an old CF-27 at home that I keep as a anything XP backup programmer.
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