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  1. V


    POSTING ABOUT WLN KD-UV1 SOFTWARE PROGRAM PROBLEMS RESULTING IN NO DATA READ OR WRITTEN The software always show WRONG PASSWORD, WRONG MODEL, HANDSHAKE FAILED, even when the user has everything connected properly and radio is turned on at 100% volume when using the program and in a channel with...
  2. Cashanova48

    XTS3000 Motorola CPS

    I apologize if this is not in the right forums area. I own a Motorola XTS 3000 and would like to legally own the CPS for it from Motorola, the only problem is, I can't find it anywhere. I don't want to get into hot water with Motorola, non the less for software for a radio that's ten plus years...
  3. N

    XPR Need Help. Looking for a XPR7550 UHF Codeplug

    I just recently got a XPR7550 and I am trying to use a codeplug to base my building of the radio. I have found a few and only 1 that was able to semi work but it stopped. I need one with 20 MHz also in it.... Would anyone be able to help out with where I can find one to download or be able to...
  4. villlythekid

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Need Help Programming System

    I am using FreeScan to try to program this system: Prince George's County Trunking System, Various, Maryland - Scanner Frequencies (Prince George's County Trunking System) I went onto Reddit to r/policescanner and someone sent me a 996 file through with the system set-up, but it...
  5. H

    Setting up frequencies

    I just purchased the BCD325P2 and need some help. I have had scanners in the past and am somewhat familiar with some features. I've read somewhere, there may be a site I can download my area frequencies. Is the true, and if so, what is the site/program? Thank you!
  6. H

    Programming TK-2302V16P Ver. 2

    I have a used TK-2302V16P Ver. 2 that i got on ebay. I cant get either KPG-119D or KPG-118D to work to program it. Does anyone know what is the correct software for this?
  7. lifeson

    G5 voice storage

    Hi group, I new at Unification . I am trying to figure out how to record what i am listening to on the radio. I clicked on enable in the TGID and on the page for the knob i have it on. I listened to it for awhile then when i hook up to message saver there is nothing there. I know it has to be...
  8. N


    New to the scanner world here with my little scanner. I have somehow L/O all channels and doing the unlock procedure from the manual is just not working. But the few frequencies I was able to figure out and add to the thing still will work. Help!
  9. Radiocar

    Hardware for Programming XTS 3000

    TL;DR - Any Laptop recommendations for programming a Moto XTS3000 UHF? I have had my radio for a little over six months now and during those first four I had a lot success with using CPS. I purchased a good FTDI Ribless programming cable with the included Adapter and it worked wonders...
  10. SpringHill

    HT1250 CDM1550 CPSR06.12.09 Questions

    More specifically i`m reaching out to ask for some knowledge on some of the deeper aspects of CPS. I understand the program on the surface but would really like to know what it can do! I really haven't been able to find much information on it so If anyone is willing to hop on a teamviewer...
  11. S

    Kenwood Tk-2312 PL issues

    I'm fairly new to programming radios and im currently using a Kenwood Tk-2312 for work and I have acquired the KPG-134d software to program it. My issue is some of the departments I'm attempting to program into my radio has a higher QT/DQT encode and decode then the software will allow me to...
  12. 1

    Can't Program PSR-500 To Save My Life - Help

    So i'm about fed up trying to program this scanner, i bought it used on eBay and also purchased an FTDI programming cable on eBay. It said it is the same as the RS 20-546 cable, just technically not the real radioshack branded one. I'm wondering if my issues are stemming from that... So i would...
  13. G

    Baofeng UV5Ra progaming for EMS

    Hello, I work for American Medical Response in New Haven CT. My company does not provide portable radios that work on the company frequency so myself and a few other employees purchased these radios so that we would be able to have contact with our dispatchers when we are away from the truck. My...
  14. B

    Help with Programming bct15x

    I am having issues with programming. I would like to only scan on system at a time and have the ability to scan other systems only. can it be done and how? example- I want to only scan my ucan system but have the ability to scan my work LTR system only or another system only. I don't want it to...
  15. C

    BCT15X questin

    I have a uniden BCT15x I want to know how to program the NYCOMCO EDAS (dutchess,orange,ulster) system in I have the AC XT PRO program. also I want to put the east fishkill LTR system in. cant fig out how to do it. ( I don't post on here much I hope I posted in the right spot ) thanks chris
  16. N3ETH


    I have a bcd996xt and tryed all of programing software and like proscan but have a problem with disconnects 2 Radio reference 4 my feed. I get 4 to 5 disconnects all day when I use proscan. But if I use the software that RadioReference supplies I don't get any disconnects all day. Just wonder if...
  17. A

    Motorola BPR40

    Hey guys. Not really a radio guy here, dont know much about them. I recently took over the security department at work. We have several of these radios, a little over 20. I wanted to know if you there is a "call" or "alert" feature that sends a tone to all radios on the same channel with the...
  18. I

    pro 97 Motrola II trunk programming I am missing somthing doing somthing wrong

    I have read several how to, and my man. but am missing something. never programmed to trunk track have been trying but always just get control audio and scanner opens up on control chan. the system i am trying to program is as follows. 867.87500c Primary control Ch. 867.36250a...
  19. R

    Programming a pro 106 with a MAC

    Can anyone tell me if its possible and what software that works with a mac to program a pro106?
  20. D

    Program Help

    I have a pro 106 and cannot get it to program right. i am in larimer county. is there anyone out there who can help and/or program it for me? Please! i need it for work!