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Jul 3, 2003
There have been a few threads of late regarding submissions. This sticky will hopefully serve to answer some of those questions :)

What happens when I submit to the RR database?

After you submit, the submission goes into the general administrator queue waiting to be assigned to an administrator. Once assigned to an administrator, it then goes into their own personal queue waiting to be completed.

Its been xx days and my submission still isn't in the database

First, check the status of your submission here:

RadioReference.com - Your Account

If the status is still open, this means it has not been assigned to an administrator and is still in the general administrator queue. If it has been assigned, it will give you the name of the administrator it is assigned to.

At these points please be patient until the submission has been completed. This could take some time, but we will get to it.

Once the submission has been completed, the information should be updated in the database. If it has not, this means there was an issue with the submission.

Following the guidelines listed here will not only improve the quality of the data on our web site, but will enable us to enter the information in a more accurate and timely fashion. Failure to do so, may not only delay your information but could in some cases be rejected by the administrators.

If you have a correction to your submission, or need to contact the administrators about it, simply add a note to the submission. You can add a note by clicking on the submission in your account submission history (link listed above), scrolling to the bottom, and clicking the + sign to add a note.

If your submission is rejected by the administrator, you will receive an email sent to your registered address with the reason it was rejected. You can then make the appropriate change(s) and resubmit, or contact the administrator for further if need be.

Please do not create new threads asking about submissions

Instead, follow the above information. You will likely receive a much faster reply by adding a note to the submission. Also, it's a good idea to make sure your PM's are enabled and you are being notified of them when received. In some cases administrators will attempt to contact members regarding their submissions via PM and/or email.

We greatly appreciate all info submitted to the database and we ask that you please be patient with the staff. We are all volunteers and process info in our free time away from our "day to day" lives :)

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