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May 18, 2007
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For many years I have seen this setup and always wondered what all this stuff was, and doing a google search I found an old Ebay listing for it, Much of the stuff is gone today, a few of the big towers are still equipped with beams and there are a lot of empty towers still standing, the add only list 6 towers I believe, but there are over 10 towers there and maybe more you can't see from the road, anyway, I wanted to share this listing, remember this was back on 2006, just thought some might find it interesting reading.

These towers/location is about 1 mile from my home and just about every direction you come into this town, you can see the big towers over top of all the tree's,and the largest one does NOT have a light, I was surprised at that, anyway here is the info...

:The listing is as follows:
6 Towers & Antennae Contest Station

Ham radio antenna field available in eastern Ohio. This contest
field is available due to illness and is a rare find and we have
dropped the price. The specifics are:

1. 10 Element 10 Meter Telrex Beam on 44 foot boom, 6
element 6 meter Telrex beam on 29 foot boom and 15 element
Telrex 2 meter beam, two meter Ringo Ranger and all with
separate feed lines with Telrex rotator and quarter inch thick
wall diamond E seamlesss tubing on 100 foot Riverview tower.

2. 8 element 15 meter Telrex beam on 45 foot boom and 6
element 10 meter Telrex beam on 24 foot boom with homebrew
heavy duty rotor equal to Telrex and quarter inch wall diamond
E seamless tubing mast on 130 foot Rohn 45 Tower.

3. 6 element 46 foot boom Telrex 20 meter beam and 4
element Cushcraft 10 meter beam on diamond E seamless
tubing with high gain model 1046 rotor (extremely heavy duty
military with box) on 200 foot Emsco Derrick Tower.

4. 3 element 40 meter beam with 29 foot boom with heavy duty
boxed Telrex rotor on 150 foot self-supporting Blaw Know tower.

5. 2 element Telrex 75 meter beam 48 foot guyed and
reinforced boom on 150 foot Rohn 55 tower with Telrex heavy
duty rotor.

6. 4 square 160 meter electrically rotatable beam consisting of
four 130 foot towers on Broadcast tower insulators and with
insulated guys over 4 1/2 miles of #6 galvanized ground wires.

7. Includes all co-ax, spare Telrex rotors, 4 foot diameter spool
of 12-12 rotor cable, 2 spare 20 meter Telrex beams and spare
130 foot tower and miscellaneous switchable beverage
receiving antennae and a working 600 foot long wire. Must see
to believe.

All antennae and full wave 160 meter horizontal loop antenna at
60 foot. All towers, antennae, rotors, etc packaged for the ham
radio contest enthusiast. This all currently sits on 17.5 acres in
Eastern Ohio with a radio room and a 40 by 55 foot pole
building that is for sale locally and so this field of Ham radio
antennae needs to sell.

--------> UPDATE<-----------
I found info on the towers.........

Well, the K8CCV estate is being sold off. At the Tusco, I sold his
Clipperton-L Amp, a well-built home-brew antenna tuner and some
other small stuff. The big stuff, towers and antennas are an
interesting issue!

Towers consist of:

2- self supporting Riverview towers -- 1 is a 100' on the ground and
the other is standing, about 80' good but top 20' (2 sections)
rusted, but the rest should be in good shape. The 2 towers could be
combined in different configurations if desired.

1- Rohn 55, 135' with the 2 ele 80m beam (Telrex antenna & rotator).
The antenna weighs 300 lb and the boom is 42' long with elements 65'
lg. ( I have manual)

1- Rohn 45, 135' (maybe 145') with a 5 ele 15m beam and a 5 ele 10m
beam above that (both telrex) & telrex rotator.

1- commercial tower 200' with a 36" face.. It has the 6 ele 20m beam
(Telrex) with a cushcraft 4 ele 10m beam above that. Rotator is a
BIG Hy-Gain rotator. Tri-County put up this tower (i helped Doug on
the tower) and while their gin pole was still on the tower, Dick and
I with some help put up the beams.

1- 4-legged 140' self-supporter ( came from Hell, Michigan )
originally 160' used as a Christian broadcast tower/antenna
algle-iron construction with a Telrex 3 ele 40m beam & a telrex
rotator. I put it together piece-by-piece from a dill tower up the

Then there is the 160m 4-square vertical system (125' ea) made from
3 dill towers & a 4th tower of similar construction but a 18" face
(heavier construction), all on 12" insulators.

Also 1 more 125' dill tower by itself.

I figure I am going to drop the last one, lift the four square
towers off the insulators and then drop them. I don't think the 3
dills are climbable.

So that's the scoop. I can take down the Rohn towers with help, but
the commercial tower weighs 300# per section.
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Mar 22, 2005
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If I had that kind of money I wouldn't be living in THIS dump!

"...and the largest one does NOT have a light, I was surprised at that..."

I'm not. Any structure taller than 200 feet is subject to FAA lighting requirements. Structures that are shorter than this height may also require lighting, depending on the structure's location. The reason why 200 feet is because of property law air rights, your property extends that high above ground making anything in it your property, above that is FAA jurisdiction.

Something to keep in mind, should a neighbor's apple tree branches extend over your yard those are your apples. If you want to be nasty about it you can cut the branches and he can't do anything about YOUR branches. <evil grin with horns>
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