ICF-R8600 DELTA F Scan Bug (feature)


Jul 4, 2003
This is confounding.

Doing a Delta F scan (ex at 136.500 Mhz center freq).

As long as the TS increment is < the DELTA F span, there is no problem.

But if you want to use a TS increment consistent with the band allocation (like 25 Khz in this example) and make the mistake of hitting the DELTA F SPAN button and select a DELTA F SPAN that is < the TS increment, you get an all stop on scan, and now you're stuck. This is because according to step 5 on page 9-5 of the manual, it says "The scan does not start when tuning step is wider than the span." The "feature" kicks in when you hit the DELTA F button too many times and end up back at 5khz, the scan stops (because now your TS is > SPAN) and you are stuck. You have to reset the TS to < DELTA F Span and restart the scan and then go back and re-set your desired TS (25 Khz).

What should happen here is that the radio should beep if you try to set the span to <or = to the TS, not stop the scan.

I feel like a coal miner here trying to learn to code. Come on man!


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Jul 3, 2003
South East Idaho
Knowing its behavior caveat, you can just get used to it. I have to do that a lot.
Not really a bug, just limitations on what the firmware can do with the hardware.