Incident Paging.

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Jun 23, 2006
Area C
We have started an Incident Paging notification list for SoCal and anybody who is interested is encouraged to join.

The list has the ability to send you a TXT message or email message when a new alert is sent out. In addition there is also Yahoo Group and Google Group for receiving alerts.. You dont want to use one of those methods or confused easily? Contact us and we can add you directly to our database..

(Email)Google Groups:
To subscribe to the feed and get TXT messages for your cell you must have a Twitter account (there is no charge).
1) Goto
2) click the "GET Started-JOIN" button.

Once your account has be setup you will want to "watch" the "CABreakingNews" feed:
1) Log into your Twitter account
2) In the search box at the top of the screen type 'CABreakingNews' and press search
3) Click the "Follow" button
4) You should now be following the CABreakingNews group and start to see them on your main page. You may request a test page through us if needed.

To setup TXT alerts for your phone
1) Go to "Settings"
2) Click on "Devices"
3) Fill out the form and follow the directions to activate your phone.
4) Once your device is activated log back into twitter
5) Go to and make sure "Device Updates" is set to 'on'

If you are interested in sending alerts to this list, please email the Support Team at and they will provide you with instructions.

Any questions feel free to ask..

Thanks to UtahViper for the format of this message :)
Not open for further replies.