Is the 436 capable of decoding with DSD?

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Dec 9, 2007
Hello all. Question - is the 436 capable of working with DSD software? (with a audio discriminator tap)? Will it even register say Provoice signals in the first place, so they can be passed into dsd for decoding? GRE did that nice little update allowing the 800 to recognize when a signal was digitally coded so the dsd software was able to do its thing. I have a feeling the 436/536 as is cannot, unless some similar "update" were implemented by Uniden. Or maybe the radio is built so differently that it's just not in the cards even with an update. Just to CMA, I searched the forums for this question so excuse me if it's been asked and answered already, or if the wording of my question is confusing. I think I got the basic question across. Looking forward for any/all replies. Regards, TT.
Not open for further replies.