Is there a Scanner's Anonymous?


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Aug 11, 2006
Back to the scanners anonymous part, how would you FEEL if suddenly everything went encrypted?

Do your palms start to sweat.?

Do you hide any radios in different places so that you always have one available (just in case)?


There are always additional radios ready, usually handhelds. When I am working in the yard I usually have two handhelds on my person. Three radio rooms exist in the home in the three places I spend most of my time. Most entities in my area could probably not afford encryption. Some of what I monitor comes from repeaters about 100-125 miles away. The PD uses mobile data terminals for nearly all of the report calls (non-priority matters). That is good especially in the middle of the night as the radio on the night table will usually remain quiet for hours at a time unless something major happens. Having close call enabled on certain radios, late at night helps. If something happens in my neighborhood during sleeping hours I will likely hear it. Before close call I used to program repeater input freqs into a scanner and then use only a very small antenna and would hear what I wanted to and then decide if I wanted to hear it all by switching to the repeater freqs. The hobby will be with me until the day I pass away and then a close friend, a radio hobbyist, will acquire all of my radio equipment.