Just looking to vent...

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Aug 5, 2011
Mid-Hudson Valley, NY
I'd like to get something off my chest that's been bugging me for a long while please. I recent post in the New Jersey sub-forum regarding the Town of West New York finally pushed me over the edge.

What would prompt someone from four states away to chime in on a thread in a board of a state that's well north of them? And, on top of that, offer nothing more then a useless cut-and-paste out of the database? Clearly something changed in the town in question, thus prompting the OP's initial post. I don't know the party who triggered this rant today from a hole in the wall...maybe he lived in Jersey before moving south...who knows. But wow. I see this too often...people from quite a distance away offering "information" (often wrong, sometimes very wrong) in threads nowhere near where they are, and am left scratching my head.

Also, there is no timer on posts. They do not require a reply within x number of minutes. This isn't Family Feud, where your hand sits on a podium, waiting to buzz in once Steve Harvey is done asking the question. It's perfectly okay to let a question sit until someone can come up with a concrete answer (in this particular case, almost an hour and a half later). I have no problem with anyone reading anything anywhere they may want to in these forums. I can say though, outside of maybe a question to clarify something if I was traveling through a state, I've never even visited, let alone replied, to probably 45 out of the 50 states' boards, as I know, siting here in the New York Metropolitan Area, that I will have nothing to offer anybody posting a question, say, in Utah, or New Mexico, or Michigan - you get the idea. Is it a desire to get post counts up? I simply don't understand it. End of my rant. Thank you for allowing me to vent.
Not open for further replies.