BC75XLT: LCD display idiosyncrasies

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Aug 15, 2014
I'm wondering if any BC75XLT owners have noticed this little quirk - not a complaint, just an observation:
From time to time I was seeing what looked like a message appear very faintly at the top or bottom of the display. It was too brief to catch the message, so I assumed it pertained to a particular channel I had passed over while scanning. I could not find it by hitting Hold and running through the channels by hand, but then it dawned on me that it was an afterimage from the word "Uniden" in bright silver above the screen. The location of the afterimage depended on the part of the screen where my eyes were focused, and sometimes "BC75XLT" appeared, instead.

This time a bit of a complaint, although not entirely reproducible:
I bought this scanner brand-new only a week ago, and the radio has never been dropped or abused, but the right side of the display sometimes get cut short, so that the last digit of a frequency is cut in half. I assumed it was a bad connection to the LCD, judging by an earlier post, but the radio is not being moved or jarred at the time, and the problem seems to correct itself during a long scan session in scan mode or after the radio has been shut off for a while. I've already contacted Uniden's tech support and am awaiting a response. The same thing happens to the P indicator for priority channels. The priority scan works just fine, but the indicator doesn't always show up. It's there in Uniden's PC software, however.

Otherwise I'm very satisfied with the BC75XLT. This is my third scanner. I sold the first two, both by Radio Shack, a very long time ago.
Not open for further replies.