1. seleong

    GRE PSR-500 LCD Display Sudden Loss of Contrast

    I purchased a supposed used in excellent condition PSR-500. It had minor battery leakage damage inside the battery compartment in the middle-upper left side (on the black printed warning inside the compartment. Looks like the previous owner scratched some of the leakage corrosion away. I am...
  2. Z

    SDS100: Scratched Display on my SDS100 - Advice Needed: Replacement part available or DIY fix?

    So I recently bought an SDS-100 scanner from E-bay. Unfortunately with no returns accepted. It was a decent price, but the previous owner seemed to have scratched up the display pretty bad and it wasn't properly showing in the low-res pictures. Most info is readable, but some parts are not. I...
  3. fdnyfish

    Uniden Customer Service NASTY as F*@K on the phone - MARK

    I have a SDS-100 with a bright bottom display issue. The bottom line of my display is 2X as bright as the rest of the display. I did not have this issue with my 2 previous SDS-100's or my current SDS-200. I sent my SDS-100 back to Uniden for this issue. They sent it back to me with a a...
  4. A

    Alinco: black squiggles on LCD screen, how remove?

    On my Alinco DJ-580 HT (about 20 years old), there are black squiggles on the LCD screen (see attachment). The screen is covered by glass so I can't touch the actual screen. How can I remove them? How can I prevent them from getting bigger?
  5. S

    TRX-1: When do i get my trx-1 back from repair dept?

    Hi whistler wendy i sent my trx-1 unit in to the whistler repair group to get screen repaired. According to the USPS website it was received around 10:50 am on 06/08/17. I was wondering about how long do you think it will take before its fixed and on its way back to me? And how will i know that...
  6. MourningRain

    BCD436HP: New scanner... Dim Lcd barely readable

    I very recently got a Bcd436hp scanner. I'm barely hearing much, even on the citizens bands, but that's probably something I'm doing wrong. The screen however... Even with the contrast at the highest setting; unless I have a bright light directly on the screen, I can't read anything on...
  7. Diddley

    BC75XLT: Question About Display Issues With 75XLT's

    Howdy all, I'm looking at a BC75XLT to use as a conventional scanner while out on the road, but have heard that some of the older models suffered from premature failure of the LCD display while they were still relatively new. I was also told that even though they are nearly identical radios...
  8. J

    EVX-534 ch tag display

    This is my first time programming vertex radios and I can't get the the alpha tag to display on the LCD screen. I can tell it has all 12 channels programmed in the radio as I'm able to change via the selector knob and the T/A channels work with each other but I can figure out why it won't...
  9. G

    BC75XLT: LCD display idiosyncrasies

    I'm wondering if any BC75XLT owners have noticed this little quirk - not a complaint, just an observation: From time to time I was seeing what looked like a message appear very faintly at the top or bottom of the display. It was too brief to catch the message, so I assumed it pertained to a...
  10. R

    LCD Monitor Broadcasts Noise To Radio! Why?

    I don't operate any wireless equipment at my living location. This includes computers, computer equipment, routers, non-computer equipment, etc. I'm having a problem with one of my LCD monitors. It works without problems. That was until I picked up some heavy static noises from a hand held...
  11. A

    PSR-800 no LCD backlight?

    I just got my new PSR-800 and the LCD backlight will not come on. The keypad light works, and I found the LiteArea menu entry and tried LCD and both. I also put it on USB power to make sure it wasn't the batteries. Is this a software issue or should I just start packing this up to go back?
  12. WouffHong

    LCD Monitor Ghosting..

    I have a19" HANNS-G LCD Monitor that has been working great for over 4 years, but now is showing shimmering ghosting to the right of every Icon on the desktop and for a good 1/2" of grayish shimmering along left vertical edges of open Pages. A faint view of the underlying Desktop Icons show...
  13. JamesPrine

    PRO-92 backlight LCD upgrade?

    Does any outfit perform backlight LCD upgrades for the venerable PRO-92? Even when mine was brand spanking new in 1999, the backlight was a weak, sickly green, like you might receive from an anemic firefly <g>. My biggest gripe with this terrific scanner has always been the weak and...
  14. sammyjenkis

    PRO-96 Display Black - Again!

    I have a PRO-96 and had the display go "all black" 2 years ago. It was sent in for repair while still under warranty (at that time) and has been working fine until... Over the weekend the display went "all white," and I discovered this ribbon connector issue and proceeded to perform the repair...