Minitor V Pager Programming

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Mar 30, 2005
Peterborough Ontario Canada
I recently was asked a question by someone who now has a Minitor V fire pager. They heard that there is a way to modify the pager to make it 'stored voice'. Is this a factory setting or is it something that can be set up after the fact?



Dec 19, 2002
The ability to store message comes right from the factory, it just depends on how the pager was configured when it was programmed.

The Motorola MINITOR V™ Pager is a new generation Voice Pager for a more secure community.

It's ideal for fire departments as well as businesses and other organizations that must react quickly in times of emergency.

Motorola MINITOR V™ Pager Specification Overview

Highlights of the Motorola MINITOR V™ Pager

Audio Output - 94 dB @ 12"

Battery - 3.6v NiMH

Channel Spacing - Wide & Narrow Band

Frequency - Lowband (33-49 MHz), VHF (143-174 MHz), UHF (406-430 and 450-512)

Operating Temperature - -30°C to +50°C

Paging Protocol - Two-Tone

Selectivity - 65 dB

Sensitivity - 3.0 to 5.5 µV/m

Spurious Image Rejection - 55 dB

Type - Voice Only

Motorola MINITOR V™ Pager Features

Wide and Narrow-band Programmable Channel Spacing
VHF and UHF models only

Expanded Stored Voice
Records up to 8 minutes of voice message for playback

Silent Scan (Dual Frequency model)
Scans both channels silently, alerts on either channel

Priority Scan (Dual Frequency model)
Plays all traffic on Channel 2, alerts on Channel 1

Speaker/Earphone Jack

12 Alert Tones Per Channel
Supports 8 two-tone pairs and 4 individual long-tone alerts

Programmable Music Alerts
Supports 10 different musical alerts

Function Mode Announcement (Stored Voice option)
Announces programmed operating mode

Motorola MINITOR V™ Pager Additional Features

MIL standard 810 E Procedures 1 for driving rain

Tone, Vibrate or Vibrate then Tone Alerting Options

Field Programmable Frequencies and Tones

Certified UL Intrinsically Safe
1, Class I, Group C, D, Class II, Group E, F, G

Motorola MINITOR V™ Pager Includes

Ships with standard charger, NiMH battery pack, users guide and one year warranty
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Dec 11, 2003
I am no programming person but I have that pager. Well I have had 3 of them in the past 3 mouths. I had a monitor II for 10 Years NO PROBLEMS EVER!
My Pager has the Voice Rec. and when it goes off for our calls it has SQUELCH Until the dispatch center keys the radio up! At 2am it is not a JOY! I have complained to our pager person and they said the Rec. won't work if its not set up like that. so maybe thats why its not set up to Record?


Dec 15, 2004
The Minitor V can be purchased with voice memory or without. The programmer will not provide voice memory if the pager was originally purchsed without this option.

As for the squelch operation you have a few choices (in the programmer). You need to be aware that the voice record (start / stop) function in the pager is tied to the squelch and the alert function. Other words the pager will start recording immediately after the alerting period and will end recording on the next carrier drop after recording began.

The concern is if your system drops carrier after tones are sent and before the voice traffic is sent. In this case the pager should be programmed using one of the "audio functions"which has an N factor. (Revert N or Auto N). This allows the pager to ride thru the first carrier drop and not miss recording the voice message. Otherwise after the alert the pager will begin recording and when the carrier drops (before the message is sent) the pager will stop recording.
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