Naval War College


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Aug 11, 2006
The NWC is probably using the Naval Station Newport Phase II trunked radio system. It might be easier to simply use the software that came with your radio and enter the five frequencies used at that site which are 386.7875, 388.1250, 388.2750, 388.7375, and 388.8750. Make sure that you select the system type as P25. Let it scan for any active talk groups. If you are using a TRX-1 go to page 32 of the manual and follow the steps shown. If you are using a TRX-2, see page 34. Next see page 33 for a TRX-1 and select TG ID WIldcard and follow the instructions. This is on page 35 of the TRX-2 manual. The Wildcard selection will let you hear everything on that trunking site and you can then decide if you want to listen to select fewer talkgroups. This procedure only takes a few minutes and may be easier than importing the entire US DOD TRS and then figuring out what site you want to hear.