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ND State patrol


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Jan 3, 2008
West Fargo, ND
You're looking for ND State Radio which has a weird setup. I see the database has 2 entries, one for ND State Patrol and one for ND State Radio.

https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=2208 (ND State Radio)

In the Fargo area, they use channel 2, and everything is digital. They operate in a non-repeated base/mobile system. So you'll hear the dispatcher on the "alerts" channel and the cars (if you're in simplex range) on the mobiles channel. Across the state you'll basically listen to those 4 frequencies (channels 1 and 2 base and 1 and 2 mobile). There are a couple TAC channels that get used occasionally as well. All simplex.

They don't call out traffic stops or things like that, so it may be very quiet. It's mostly alerts for reckless drivers and traffic hazards. Useful when the weather gets bad so you can avoid accidents or know about them ahead of time. State Radio is also used in the more rural areas to dispatch local sheriff and fire/EMS.