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Need help.

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Jul 22, 2006
Los Angeles, California
Hi fellow RR members. I have been a long time enthusiast. I have a big project and I need your assistance if u guys/gals can assist me. I am trying to compile all of Califronia's Police Departments in individual .xls files so that I can easily program them into my BCD396T. But I am having a more than difficult time trying to figure out and organizing the frequencies in "channel line" for each PD. If anyone is interested I will be willing to pay for services rendered via paypal.


Silent Key Jan. 14, 2012
May 11, 2002
Eclipse, Virginia
For 25 bucks you can purchase Win97. Use Win97 *Web Import* feature and import every desired frequency in the whole state at 100 freqs /w/ alpha tags per bank. 10 banks in each import would be 1000 freqs per import. Open a new Win97 program and do another 1000.

Editing in Win97 is windows based so you can copy each banks frequencies (100 at a time) and paste them into excel. Then edit the excel by deleting unneeded columns.

This is an example of what is copied from Win97 frequency section Santa Clara county.
Countywide tacti	 154.650000	   CT	179.9	 	 	 
Westside tactica	 154.800000	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
Westside (07:00 	 155.700000	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
Countywide Prima	 156.210000	   CT	179.9	 	 	 
South County    	 156.150000	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
South County tac	 155.370000	   CT	186.2	 	 	 
Detectives      	 155.070000	   CT	162.2	 	 	 
Court Security  	 156.090000	   CT	156.7	 	 	 
Court Security  	 155.790000	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
Probation Dept/D	 154.740000	   CT	162.2	 	 	 
Main Jail/Elmwoo	 453.362500	   CT	186.2	 	 	 
Elmwood (Men) Al	 453.337500	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
Elmwood (Women) 	 453.487500	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
Elmwood (Women) 	 453.512500	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
Common          	 453.637500	   CT	186.2	 	 	 
Countywide (Inte	  33.960000	   CT	156.7	 	 	 
Primary         	 154.250000	   CT	162.2	 	 	 
Tactical Central	 153.905000	   CT	192.8	 	 	 
Tactical Countyw	 155.985000	   CT	179.9	 	 	 
Tactical West (L	 154.400000	   CT	110.9	 	 	 
Tactical South (	 154.145000	   CT	192.8	 	 	 
Tactical        	 154.175000	   CT	162.2	 	 	 
Countywide Tacti	 153.830000	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
Countywide Mutua	 153.845000	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
Paramedic Dispat	 856.437500	   CT	192.8	 	 	 
MCI             	 857.437500	   CT	225.7	 	 	 
Data (AVL)      	 858.437500	   CT	  0.0	 	 	 
Simulcast MED 91	 453.100000	   CT	156.7	 	 	 
BAYMACS         	 857.512500	   CT	156.7	 	 	 
MCI - Tactical/S	 867.112500	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
MCI - Tactical/S	 866.912500	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
MCI - Medical Co	 867.362500	   FM	  0.0	 	 	 
EOC-to-EOC      	  37.080000	   CT	  0.0	 	 	 
Law Mutual Aid (	 482.337500	   CT	114.8	 	 	 
Law Mutual Aid (	 867.512500	   CT	156.7
Delete the last two columns as desired.

Of course, this will take some time, but will be much, much faster then hand typing the same data. And with Excels multi-sheet setup, one excel file could have data for many counties.
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Jul 22, 2006
Los Angeles, California
Thanks for replying you guys. I decided to buy the Butel Pro program and use that to download it into the scanner. That way it will make loading my scanner with frequencies somewhat easier.
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