New DPD OmniX vs old RS 20-176 -- Findings


Oct 21, 2005
New Hampshire
Like a couple people I had (perhaps unrealistically) high expectations for the Omni-X when I bought it. It worked OK but compared to an ST-2 it replaced in my attic it was worse. I put the ST-2 back and stored the Omni-X. The Omni-X is very well built however and should last a long time outdoors.

I did try it in a couple orientations and there were a few differences that indicate that the lobes were asymmetrical. I wouldn't call it directional, but it did seem to favor broadside. That is to be expected of the design.

I am thinking of putting it outside on my homes roof and telling the HOA it is a TV antenna. There are TV antennas that have a similar appearance so I might get away with that.
If they reject that, tell them it's a "therapy antenna"