New to the DB: Amateur Radio (Statewide or Regional)

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California DB Admin
Database Admin
Oct 31, 2004
San Diego, CA
Hey guys, since RR has officially opened its doors to non-emergency amateur radio info (which we are slowly working through the submissions of, just remember they are a lower priority than public safety), I built this new category tonight to accommodate large regional multi-county or statewide networked amateur radio systems. You can access it here:

Amateur Radio (Statewide or Regional) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

So far we have the Southern California BARN and ALERT systems, and I am in the process of adding the CARLA system (covering Northern CA and Western NV), but got tired.

Just wanted you guys to know this resource exists (we were originally making agency pages for each system but this puts them all in one place) so you know where to submit this type of info. Hope you like it. :)
Not open for further replies.