Nextcom Calgary Stampede "Developmental System"

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Silent Key (April 15th, 2023)
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Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
Hey all,

Noticed this system in the TAFL recently - looks like it's been there for a bit if I recall correctly (not new since June, is what I mean). Took a drive today with DSD+ and found some idle XPT DMR beacons pulsing away. I've submitted it to the DB.

Don't recall how far away it could be received, except definitely not on the west edge of the city. I paused in Signal Hill for something when I got into town and tried to read it there, with no luck; my next stop was literally across the street from the BMO Centre and it was nearly overloading the Airspy there, of course.

Unsure if this is to replace the Smartnet/Smartzone system (probably, as SZ is well past EOL now) and/or for the recently announced BMO expansion project.

Unfortunately with no Stampede this year we won't have 10 days of prime monitoring to sleuth it out...
Not open for further replies.