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Jul 22, 2002
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Recently I had a user copy, it seems almost verbatim, some information about his/her county directly onto the wiki.

Often this kind of stuff is copyrighted by the county themselves - so a gentle reminder here, which appears on each and every time someone attempts to edit something, and is explicitly mentioned in the user's guide ....

Placing copyrighted material on the RR wiki is not permitted!

The correct alternative here is to place a page link to the county website. There's a side benefit to this - if there are changes to the data on the website, the wiki doesn't have to.

A page link is quite simple, an example follows;

[ Radioreference]

The entire statement is surrounded by single square brackets. The first part is the URL, the second is the hypertext you wish to use to identify it.

Please be careful about putting such data on the wiki. It could land us in serious legal trouble if someone wants to make a point out of it.

73 Mike
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