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Feb 24, 2001
I ordered my Nooelec NESDR Smart last Wednesday morning and it arrived yesterday moring. Was excited to see the mail courier deliver it to my door. I ran to my room and diosconnected the old rtl2832u r820t dongle and plugedd in the smart.

It is smaller than the original dongle measures 5/8ths x 5/8ths x 5/8ths x 5/8ths inch and length is 2 and 3/8ths inches. very nice for side by side or top over bottom usb ports.

It does get a little warm. Feels like 90 degrees to the touch. Frequency stability is very impressive.

Nooelec did a good job with filtering because tuning and listening to NWS radio here on 162.400 doesn't have a white noise. It's full quieting. 5db stronger than the old Nooelec R820T rtl-sdr.

All three antenna masts work well. I tried the smallest one on RTL1090 and received ADS-B packets with less noise and they seemed to have a fluid flow. Improvement over the previous model.

Nooelec rebuilt the dongle and made it this small and redid the power supply and filtering.

Nooelec added two pin holes for HF direct sampling on the pcb but it is not accessible through the aluminum enclosure. I haven't opened it up to see for myself because someone on radio for everyone posted the innards of the dongle. it has 3M thermal adhesive pads on one side of the board and a heat sink on the opposite side of the board. I dare not touch the thermal pads. The design is working with no loss in sensitivity.

Signals seem to sound richer. I still don't expect a lot from 8bit sampling on it's ADC but hey it works better than my old dongles. I'm enjoying my first few days using it.
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