NORAD Exercises

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Dec 26, 2008
Washington, D.C.
Hey folks, I just received word that NORAD, along with the CAP, will be conducting Joint Exercises over the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area over the next 48-72 Hours (Beginning Early Thursday Morning, 26FEB09, Length of Ops Dependent Upon Presence Of VFR Conditions/Reschedule If IFR Conditions are Present (Aside From Clear Night Conditions) ). For the Most Part the OPS will take Place in the Evening/Early Morning Hours (For Multiple Reasons such as Air-Traffic, and Night-based VWS Testing).

It is designated: Exercise Operation Falcon Virgo (09-05), and the USCG will be involved along with NORAD, CAP, FAA, NCRCC, JADOC, CONR, and the CONR's Western Air Defense Sector. The Most Prominent Aircraft will be CAP General Aviation Props, and USCG HH-65 Dolphin Helos.

If anyone has Receivers, or Scanners, this could turn out to be an interesting event to listen in on. More so, if anyone has the ability to put forth a Live Feed, or better yet Record the Transmissions, then this Event could undoubtedly provide some interesting Material for ALL of us here on RR (MY Receiver is Not up and Working Yet, and Unfortunately It Will Not be for some time to come :-/ ).

ALSO, if none of you are familiar with the System, the National Capital Region (NCR) Visual Warning System (VWS) will also be Running in Full Test Mode. This System utilizes a Laser Display which puts forth a Concentrated Beam, yet Spread-out Pattern, of Red-Green-Red Strobe-Like Flashes, and it has a seriously Bright Flash. A Close Acquaintance of mine caught a glimpse of it from Five Miles Out (On Ground Level, In Fog) a few years ago, and it nearly scared them to death. It is a System designed so as to leave no doubt in a Pilot's Mind that they are about to Violate RSA. I dare say however, that the system might cause an unknowing Pilot to freak out and crash, especially at Night, but let us hope not.


USCG- United States Coast Guard.
NORAD- North American Aerospace Defense Command.
CAP- Civil Air Patrol.
FAA- Federal Aviation Administration.
NCRCC- National Capital Region Command Center.
NCR- National Capital Region.
JADOC- Joint Air Defense Operations Center.
CONR- Continental United States NORAD Region.
RSA- Restricted Airspace.
VWS- Visual Warning System.


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Jul 22, 2002
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Juliet and others - these exercises are extremely limited in scope, and usually don't last very long when they happen. Keep an ear on 139.7 (AM mode) and eventually you will hear Huntress (NORAD) working the flights.

If you are really into milcom in this area, you want to pay attention to the Sticky Thread for Milcom IV in the Maryland forum. You will be blown away by the detail....73 Mike
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