NYC Parks and Rec 10-codes

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Aug 5, 2011
Mid-Hudson Valley, NY
Charlie, please add to your list...

10-0 Emegency
10-10 Investigate
10-11 Alarm (specify type)
10-12 PEP Officer / UPR holding suspect
10-13 Need additional unit(s), emergency
10-15 Unleashed dog(s)
delete 10-19
10-20 Homeless condition (delete 10-50H)
10-21 Homeless removed (specify number)
10-22 Burglary
10-33 Report of an explosion
10-34 Assault
10-34S Assault, sexual
10-35 Crime in progress
10-39 Vendor condition
10-41 ETA of completion
10-42 Request equipment (specify)
10-44 Refuse needs removal
10-46 Illegal tree cut
10-49 Utility trouble
10-51 Disorderly group
10-52I Identification verification
10-52O Vehicle check, occupied / stolen
10-52V Vehicle check, non-threat
10-55 Removed to hospital
10-56 Refused medical attention
10-57 Treated and released
10-61 On duty, not available
10-67 Parking / traffic condition
10-73 Meet with complainant
10-75 Body in the water
10-85 Need additional unit(s)
10-90W Unable to enter
10-90X No incident
10-90Y Incorrect unit
10-90Z Person(s) left scene
10-98 Available for assignment

File 1 Wanted
File 2 Stolen Vehicle
File 3 Identification verifies
File 4 Unable to confirm
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