Open police comms on FSR ch 04


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Feb 5, 2003
After looking for the signal and not finding anything and thinking back on what I did hear I now believe Richard Kramer had it right. A FSR radio left in the police car with VOX on would be consistence with what I heard. I only had half of the transmission. The signal lasted a couple of days (about what I would expect from a good battery pack on the FSR) That or it was found by the cleaning crew, or the kid got all worked up over the lost FSR radio and Daddy found it in the car. DOH!

I always have the GMRS scan running as it only takes a fraction of a second so if the signal comes back I will try and investigate but I believe it was a FSR radio left by mistake.
It probably wouldn't be a radio sitting in a patrol car, if that car was only hearing mobiles and not the dispatcher...which is kind of the point of an officer having a radio in his car. Whatever the source, they do seem to only be listening to the input of a repeater and the dispatcher is likely connected directly via tone remote and would not be heard on the input frequency. Which does still speak to it being accidental or at least done by someone unknowledgeable, as you would think if someone did it on purpose they would listen to the repeater output.