OSP / ODOT Frequency Updates

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Oct 30, 2009
I opened the Oregon eFOG app on my iPad for the first time in a while and I see that the state updated the app to Version 3 in April. The entire OSP and ODOT frequency list is included again and there are mulitple updates to OSP and ODOT's VHF channel plan.

Here are the updates for those of you who don't have the app:

Oregon State Police:

OSP Portland:
154.9350 179.9 PL PP1 Portland - All repeaters went to voted system in May 2015

OSP Tillamook
154.6725 131.8 PL TM1A Manzanita has changed to 155.8200 118.8 PL TM1A Manzanita

OSP Mill City:
154.8600 156.7 PL SM3 Detroit and AL3 Hoodoo are now simulcasted and new channel is SJ1 Santaim Junction
154.8600 156.7 PL AL2 Green Peter is now 154.6800 179.9 PL SJ1A Green Peter (note frequency changed)

OSP Springfield:
154.8450 156.7 PL SP1 Eugene (Buck Mtn) now simulcasted with Bear Mtn (formerly SP3)
154.8450 156.7 PL SP 2 Springfield removed from service
154.8450 156.7 PL SP 3 Bear Mtn - repeater in service but simulcasted with SP 1 so SP3 channel removed from radios
154.9050 156.7 PL SP 4 Cottage Grove (Table Rock) will change to 154.9350 94.8 PL SP1B Table Rock after trunked system integration
154.9050 156.7 PL SP5 Walton (Walker Point) will be removed from service after trunked system integration (OSP Florence has a repeater at Walker Point)
154.7700 156.7 PL SP6 Mt Hagan has changed name and is now SP1A (linked to SP1)
154.9050 156.7 PL OK1 Oakridge (Wolf Mtn) - unchanged

OSP Newport:
154.9350 156.7 PL NP1 Newport - All repeaters are now voted
155.1225 146.2 PL NP2A Yachats (Cape Perpetua) has changed name to NP1A

OSP Florence:
154.7850 156.7 PL FL1 Florence - All repeaters are now voted

OSP Central Point:
154.6800 131.8 PL MP1 Medford - All repeaters will be voted Summer 2017
156.0675 118.8 PL MP2A Siskiyou Summit - will change name to MP1A when voting occurs

OSP Klamath Falls:
154.0250 123.0 PL KF1A Malin (repeater location is Sheepy Ridge)
158.8050 146.2 PL KF1B Chiloquin (repeater location is Applegate Butte)

OSP Lakeview:
154.0250 131.8 PL LK4A Wagontire name changed to LK3A Doherty Slide

OSP Roseburg:
151.0250 114.8 PL RS4 Red Butte new channel expected July 2017 (will be linked to RS1 voted channel)

OSP Arlington & The Dalles:
155.9100 192.8 PL TD1 The Dalles - all of The Dalles repeaters are simulcast except for AR1 Arlington (Roosevelt)
155.6325 192.8 PL AR2 Condon new freq after trunked system integration Summer 2017

OSP Ontario:
154.6575 173.8 PL JV1 Jordan Valley (repeater location is Mahogany Mtn)
156.1950 192.8 PL JV1A (repeater location is Succor Creek)

OSP Pendleton:
159.1125 131.8 PL PL2A Dale (repeater location is Bone Point)

now for ODOT:

District 2B:
154.6500 205 DCS West Portland (repeater location is Council Crest)
154.1000 136.5 PL East Portland (repeater location is Mt Scott)

District 3:
156.1350 146.2 PL D3 Dispatch - McMinnville (Chehalem Mtn) and Salem (Prospect Hill) are still stand-alone repeaters. Hall's Ridge and Santiam Junction are now simulcast.
156.1200 146.2 PL Salem Yard Crew Simplex new channel

District 4:
151.0250 100.0 PL D4 Dispatch - Mary's Peak is stand-alone, coast repeaters are voted as of Spring 2015.
151.0250 100.0 PL Sweet Home (Scott Lookout) repeater will change to 155.0475 100.0 PL after trunked system integration
151.0925 100.0 PL Yachats (repeater location is Cape Perpetua)
151.0475 146.2 PL Eddyville - listed in previous eFOG but not in this one. Unknown if still in service.

District 5:
158.7450 100.0 PL D5 Dispatch. West Lane County repeaters (Herman Peak, Glenada Ridge, Walker Point) will be simulcasted Winter 2017 and the rest of D5 will get new freqs.
156.0225 192.8 PL Yachats (repeater location is Cape Perpetua)
151.3250 100.0 PL Future Eugene (Buck Mtn) repeater after west simulcasting
155.4225 100.0 PL Future McKenzie (Mt Hagan) repeater after west simulcasting
155.6775 100.0 PL Future Oakridge (Wolf Mtn) repeater after west simulcasting

District 7:
156.1950 136.5 PL Camas Valley (repeater location is Signal Tree)
151.0700 192.8 PL Brookings (repeater location is Harbor Hill)

District 8:
153.7850 192.8 PL Diamond Lake (repeater location is Walker Mtn)
151.0400 186.2 PL Prospect (repeater location is Halls Point)
156.0450 192.8 PL Siskiyou Summit - tone missing from RRDB
156.2400 192.8 PL Mt Sexton - tone missing from RRDB

District 10:
156.0600 100.0 PL D10 Dispatch. Grizzly, Powell, and Pisgah will be simulcast Summer 2017. Mt Bachelor will be only stand-alone D10 repeater using current D10 frequency.
151.0745 100.0 PL Future Five Mile & Pine Mtn Simulcast coming Summer 2017 (will replace 155.1450 Sisters)
154.0550 123.0 PL Future D10 South simulcast (Dead Indian / Walker Mtn) Summer 2017
151.0700 186.2 PL Parkway - listed in previous eFOG but not this one - unknown if still in service

District 11:
151.0100 173.8 PL Bly (repeater location is Medicine Mtn)
151.0250 118.8 PL Wagontire (not listed in this eFOG version unknown if still in service)
155.6250 136.5 PL Fish Lake (location is Robinson Butte)
156.0000 192.8 PL Merril (location is Sheepy Ridge)
156.1350 100.0 PL Valley Falls (location is Round Pass)
156.2250 131.8 PL Doherty Slide new repeater

District 12:
151.0550 131.8 PL Umatilla - not listed in current eFOG - unknown if still in service
156.2400 192.8 PL Weston (location is Mt Weston)
158.9850 192.8 PL Dale (location is Bone Point)

District 13:
151.0400 192.8 PL Imnaha (location is Devil's Ridge)
153.7400 192.8 PL Elgin (location is Spout Springs)

District 14:
156.0750 192.8 PL Juntura East (location is Coyne Ridge)
156.1800 192.8 PL Dayville (not listed in current eFOG - unknown if still in service

Simplex / Flagging:
154.8525 131.8 PL Rose - new simplex flagging freq.

I'll be making some submissions for the admin to add to the DB later.


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Nov 26, 2006
This explains a few things about why I was hearing OSP on ODOT the other day

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Dec 24, 2005
156.0225 192.8 PL Yachats (repeater location is Cape Perpetua) this repeater may be going away, this site will be added to D5 west simulcast .
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