Plane Crash Baker, La

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Jan 10, 2002
St Gabriel, Louisiana
Small plane crashes in residential area of Baker | WBRZ News 2 Louisiana : Baton Rouge, LA |
BAKER - A small plane has apparently crashed on Rue Jennifer Road Friday afternoon.

Few details are available at this time, but sources said multiple emergency crews are en route to the scene, which also is reportedly burning.

There is no word on how many people may be injured.

Authorities on the scene of plane crash in Baker, LA - WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports
Authorities are on the scene of a fiery plane crash in Baker, LA.

The crash happened just after 1 p.m.

Authorities reported the plane crashed into a field along Rue Jennifer, and possibly hit a house causing the home to catch fire. Reports are that Chemin Drive is closed at this time.

Officials say it was a General Aviation Aircraft, which is a small plane. It crashed 3.5 miles northwest of the airport.

Baker Police are on the scene.

EBR EMS says reports from the scene are that the plane was fully engulfed in flames after the crash.

There is no immediate word on injuries.
Update, while doing a wildcard search of the LWIN system I heard traffic on a Talkgroup not recorded in the database.
17338 was active with units 158, 155, and 136 and others, sometimes not saying the One in the unit ID. One person asked another if he had brought his turnout gear. The person he was speaking to said no. The reason the first person asked was because he couldn't find his gloves. They are on scene of the crash assisting and in the Command Post. Referred to themselves as Airbase and talked about putting buckets of firefighting foam in the back of a pickup to get it to the units on scene.
Update again... found another couple of TGs.
17123- sounded like firegroud ops with engine units talking to each other on scene and asking about how much foam was left on a truck.
17129- heard a dispatcher say "Headquarters to all units, go to EBR Zone 2"
8032- not related to the plane crash but heard ems or acadian giving patient vital signs and injuries from a car wreck. The on scene unit wanted to go to OLOL but dispatcher stated that 2 units had already gone there and had them go to BRG Bluebonnet instead.
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