Please put the URL of the database entry

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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
I've noticed quite a few folks putting pages into the wiki that are being used as a 'text extension' to some trunked system entries. Unfortunately, the wiki is anything but. It's a database driven application that is NOT related to the RRDB, except that we have various buttons that link to it. It's a completely separate application.

When you build such a page, it automatically creates an 'orphan' - something that doesn't link to anything in the wiki. That makes it more difficult to find for anyone that is not going through the database link. In point of fact, in time, that page will become available to all the various search engines, just like any other webpage.

What needs to be done is that page must be linked to something, and expanded so that whoever happens to come upon that page has some explanation as to what it represents, or what it's a part of.

For that reason, I would ask folks to add the URL of the database entry that you are defining. That way someone who comes behind you (mostly yours truly) has some idea of what you are defining, and how to link (or bind) the pages to resolve the orphan.

Thanks for your future cooperation...Mike
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