Pro Scan audio HELP!!!

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Nov 16, 2013
cleve oh
I stopped the scannercast software to broadcast to my feed online.
Bought a key for $50 to use Pro Scan
Every thing is fine but for the life of me using the Ethernet cable only connected to the SDS200 scanner I can not get broadcastify to start due to audio.
If I go to "Source Client" to start broadcast it pops up a window saying
"Set the Input Sound Device to a Valid input source located in the audio control tab"
I have tried everything, what is it I might be missing so I can get my feed up and running.

With the Ethernet cable connected and in the audio control tab I selected URL
It connects and the green line shows wave form so it is hearing audio but not sending to be able to connect to broadcastify due to the above message.
I am so lost, I need to get my feed back up
Not open for further replies.