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Feb 10, 2004
I own the 396t. I think Uniden has done a wonderful job with this radio. I do however feel more emphasis needs to be placed on the digital side of things. A few of the problems I have found that can hopefully be addressed in updates.

1. Digital decode quality is good but could be clearer with resolution of the underwater sound.

2. The machine gun sound at first wasnt bad but is rapidly becoming annoying.

3. Going digital has made the scanner take a step back with respect to pl's. There has to be a way to decode NAC's as the radio can decode PL/DPL

4. Worst case if NAC's cant be decoded I would at least like to see a setting for APCO-25 in the modulation or PL setting. As more systems migrate to digital I am picking up more and more transmissions from agencies operating on the same frequency that I can no longer block out with a PL Setting.

5. The fire tone-out will not decode digital. The department I work for has migrated to digital and used an off duty call back tone. I had the radio with the tone and it did not activate. when I pressed the hold button I heard the digital modulation but no decode.

As stated I think this is a wonderful radio prob the best one out but I would like to see continued support for this model. This radio being a newer model still has much sales potential and I would hate to see uniden come out with another new radio addressing the 396 issues, thus forceing us to shell out another $500+. I dont know if any of these can be addressed with firmware updated but would like to know either way if its being worked on. Thank you
Not open for further replies.