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Programming HT using CPS ay help appreciated


Sep 8, 2023
So I have used Chirp over the years however got in a Quansheng UV-K5 that uses the CPS programming software. I have been out of Ham Ops for 3 years so having to refresh my self in programming so thats the first issue. When you dont use thing you forget things. Atleast in my case..

I tried to copy the info from chirp manually but either i am placing inf in the wrong field or I do not have a option selected correct. For simplex GMRS for example simplex works perfect. But every repeater I put in none hit local repeaters that i can get easily on my other radios. I even tried to trasmit using a sma to so239 patch cable to my antenna at 3oft. No dice. I really think I have a setting wrong or something not selected. attached are som inages of a few lines I have in CPS channel 3 and 4 for example I know these are active repeater I can hit with my other HTs so I will attach repeaer book images for those 2. Does anyone see where I am screwing up in the programming software.

Any help is appreciated

Here are the repeater book settings rep2.jpg


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Oct 14, 2015
Lowestoft - UK
Make sure the frequencies are the right way aroun. Can you screenshot your fault code plug, that would make guess work unnecessary


Premium Subscriber
Mar 12, 2003
Rimouski, PQ, Canada
Make sure you transmit on the right position on the radio : the radio has A and B « bands ».
You could very well have the radio set to receive both but set to always transmit in the B side…
so anything you will do on the A side will have no effect on your transmit, as the radio will alway use the B side memory channel / VFO to transmit.