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May 8, 2004
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I have a Pro-197 and a PSR-500. I run multiple P25 systems in the same bank all the time.
For the GRE made scanners, such as the PSR-300 and PSR-400 (also sold by Radio Shack as the Pro-164 and the Pro-163) see this thread on how to set up a bank with more than one system (or tower site) and still have the scanner receive them correctly. Note that you are sharing the same talkgroup list, so a specific talkgroup ID that is, say, PD Dispatch on on system might be the water department on the other. This also works for the older Radio Shack (but GRE manufactured) scanners such as the Pro-97/Pro-2055 and Pro-96/Pro-2096. For the newer GRE, object oriented, scanners, such as the PSR-500/PSR-600 (Radio Shack equivalents Pro-106/Pro-197), you can link any number of 'TSYS objects' (trunked systems) to a specific scan list, which is what the object oriented scanners use in place of the older "banks and channels" method. (The object oriented scanners have multi-site functionality as well, for Motorola & P25 systems.)
I have a Uniden BC785D and have 2 different EDACS systems in the same bank.
You can only have multiple EDACS or LTR systems in a bank if the LCN's for the two systems do not overlap (in other words, no duplicate LCN's in any position). Interestingly enough, I've seen that comment applied to this large system, with multiple sites, but where the LCN's are so scattered, there's not a lot of duplicates, so several sites can be squeezed, apparently, into one bank.
Is there any radio that I can used to program two system in one bank?
Note that on Uniden scanners, for Motorola systems, the scanner will use the first control channel it can "hear" in a bank. It will ignore any other control channel entered, even if the signal is as strong, or stronger, than the first one it comes across that can be decoded. So, unless the two systems (or tower sites, for a multi-site system) are so far apart that both control channels would not be receivable at the same time, you're better off to separate them.

For the newer DMA scanners, such as the 246T, 330T, 396T, each system you want to monitor goes into a 'system' in the scanner. So, you can enter system specific talkgroups for each one. But, due to the control channel concerns noted above, you should consider creating a separate system for each site (for a multi-site system). The BCT15, 996T, the XT series Uniden scanners (346XT, 396XT, and 996XT), as well as the Home Patrol 1, all have multi-site capability for Motorola, P25, and EDACS systems. Create a "system", say for GATRRS, then include the sites for areas you expect to be in. The same talkgroup list covers all the sites.
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