Radio Techs?

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Oct 12, 2008
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I was listening a few weeks ago between, what appeared to be, radio techs,
discussing some type of problem / conflict with a new Coweta tower.

I was not sure what ID I was listening to.

Anyone know the most active channels in the Tulsa area for this type of communication...

Also.....on another topic....

When separate police associations need to contact another (ie OHP Troop B)
to advise TPD of a crash, (for example) do they public service TPD's Main Console,
or can they contact them via radio?



Dec 14, 2001
Tulsa, Oklahoma
The radio techs use both analog and digital talkgroups. They are...
36688 A Telecommunications Department Tulsa Main Channel -- Radio Technicians (Telecom A) Analog
39568 B Telecommunications Department Main Channel -- Radio Technicians (Telecom B) Analog
39600 C Telecommunications Department Secondary Channel -- Radio Technicians (Telecom C) Analog
12336 D Telecommunications Department -- Radio Technicians (Telecom D) Digital
42064 A DPSRadioTech Department of Public Safety Radio Technicians --Analog
22512 B DPSRadioTech Department of Public Safety Radio Technicians -- Digital

All of these are very active when they are doing upgrades, troubleshooting, or maintenance on all OKWIN sites. If anyone monitors any OKWIN site I would have these TGs in your scanner.

As for your other question it depends. Most the time its a public service or phone call. In the past OHP has contacted TPD master console on RMA-2A 38192 which is considered an all call mutual aid channel for all agencies on OKWIN in Northeast Oklahoma. Some times but not very often I have heard TPD officers switch to OHP Troop B and talk direct and visa versa but not very often anymore. It just depends on what the situation is, who is dispatching ,and what training do they have and are taught as well as the officer needing the mutual aid whether he knows how to use his radio or what he is taught to do. I would say 99% of the time its phone calls and then second its RMA-2A 38192 and then switching over and talking direct on each others sub fleet. Hope this helps.
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