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RIB's keep dying

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Nov 24, 2018
Hello everyone. First post here, and I hope I'm in the right place.

I have acquired a bunch of 110w VHF W7 Astro Spectras. I have had the same aftermarket RIB and cables for years, never a problem. I had regular Spectras and MT1000s before the astros. Never had an issue. Once I obtained these W7 Astros, I programmed a couple. Not a problem. I then acquired a handful of newer 2.5mhz spacing capable trunk units. I wanted to update to the narrow spaced radios. I hooked on, programmed my first. Excellent. Went to rehook to change the scan list and I couldn't. I would get a couple flashes from the data light and it would say communication error on the CPS. I hadn't been the nicest to my cable from the RIB to the trunk units, so I bought another cable. No change. So I dug out my old DOS laptop and tried to hook to one of my OLD Spectra's with the same cabling and RIB. No go. The RIB always had something loose in it, so I figured it had finally crossed on the circuit board and shorted something and toasted my RIB. I bought another aftermarket RIB. Plug and play. Read and wrote 4 radios, two 2.5s and a couple non narrows, went to read another one of the 2.5s from the stack and I have another dead RIB. Two in a month, failed the same way. Any ideas why my RIB keeps locking up/dying? Is there a way to test parts of the RIBs or reset them per se?

Thanks in advance!!


Info as follows:

CPS: R05.03.00 using a COM port, aftermarket RIB with new cabling, Windows XP

Radios: W7 VHF T04KLH9W7AN-UCM 5000010018008


Mar 30, 2005
So Cali
The 'Motorola RIB' radio interface box has always had problems due to the poor implementation of the RS232 standards to the Spectra bus. Piss poor design. The knock offs are no better.

"A modification you may be interested in for the RIB. There have been reports of problems using the RIB on different computers. One of the problems is the lack of negative voltage swing on the Busy out and RX (data out) lines back to the computer. You might want to try and change the value of R14 to 1.5k and R11 to 1K.

Some research has been done with the original RIB, and some modifications have been make to some of the values to make the circuit more compatible with RS232. The modified schematic can be found here". http://batlabs.com/images/rib_mod.jpg

I will note that we are on our 29th version of the original Motorola factory RIB we got in the 80's.
And we have repaired and modified hundreds of RIB's.
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