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Jan 21, 2002
Chicago , IL
shortwaving said:
Hey werin...

Don't let this asshat get under your skin. You've got WAY too much experience to let that happen.

Think about it...everyone's got issues. You have issues; me too.

When you read / listen to some of there cranks, you realize HOW NORMAL YOU REALLY ARE.

Sorta' like the folks who complain about software bugs and demand support.

How much did you pay for your software?

Uhhh. it wuz free.

You should be frigging grateful it wasn't loaded with spyware and virii.

I have never noticed a sarcastic response from you. You've always been a contributor and one of the best resources in Chicago...CARMA.

Don't think that your contributions went unoticed.

In an anonymous forum, very often you see people mentioning the same things they despise in themselves. Perhaps 1975 should chat with a professional about their unhealthy / self-destructive obessions.

Dude, I grew up right near 008. Has it gotten that grim?

On the internet, no one knows you're a Jerk / Dog / Psycho.

Well thanks for the kudos shortwavin. I thought I missed something when I wrote my response so I quickly did a little research...he had me thinking. After I received a Private Message from flydream, I knew everything was ok. I enjoyed your comical approach to this whole scanning/internet thing. As far as the CARMA observation, thank you. Not sure who 1975 is yet, but i'm hoping the moderators will take care of him. I assume this thread will be locked soon so enough said. Yes, 8 is one of the busier Districts due to it's size. EDGE Missions, prostitution missions, you name it, they have it. Monitoring the Chicago Police has become quite complicated over the past couple of years.Not because of the radio systems, but their is so many acronyms now..EDGE, DOC etc.. I live on the west end and it's pretty peaceful here, but because it's my home Zone, the scanners are always active. Don't forget Midway has become a legitiamte airport too. The have a 470 Mhz. Digital system which I monitor regularly as well as the City-Wides, fire, EMS telemetery channels..etc. Chicago Police and Fire monitoring is quite a challenge and when I see posters inquiring, I try to help.
Nov 29, 2001
Chicago, Illinois
It's not's him

werinshades said:
You never know. This Zone 6 is once again going to listening.

Well, I obviously know you WERINSHADES....too bad this guy doesn't know you really are CFD and that many CPD post here, unlike this Clown who probably lives at home with his elderly Mother in a 1 bedroom 2 flat with 16 cats. I take that back. I didn't mean to disparage the clowning profession. At least a clown is a worthy profession. I have known you for many years and we all know who you are. Who knows where this guy or he/she came from. Ignore it and it will go away. Too bad a moderator couldn't cut this goof outta the equation here.
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