Simplex Freqs.

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Mar 12, 2004
Here are the Simplex and state freqs. being talked about in gmitch's thread on new WCCCA licenses. I posted this list a couple of years ago and suggested they be put into the 4 county's trunked systems in the database as "Other freqs:" or "Conventional Freqs.". The administrators refuse to do it despite it being rather common in other trunked systems around the country.

These are the conventional freqs. that are in most (all?) Fire Dept. radios in all 4 counties;
Clackamas, Clark, Multnomah and Washington. They are not part of the trunking
systems. They are strictly unit to unit (simplex) so you will need to be within a few
blocks to hear them. The left column is the radio switch position. So if someone
says switch to G14, for example, you will know what it is.

G2 8CAL90 851.0125
G3 8TAC91 851.5125
G4 8TAC92 852.0125
G5 8TAC93 852.5125
G6 8TAC95 853.0125
G7 OROPS1 851.3250
G8 OROPS2 851.8000
G9 OROPS3 851.7500
G10 OROPS4 851.7750
G11 OROPS5 851.3875
G12 WAOPS1 852.5375
G13 WAOPS2 852.5625
G14 WAOPS3 852.5875
G15 WAOPS4 852.6125
G16 WAOPS5 852.6375
A13 SIMPLEX 1 853.4375
A14 SIMPLEX 2 851.0375
A15 SIMPLEX 3 851.9500
B15 SIMPLEX 4 851.1750
A16 MAYDAY 853.3875
B16 MAYDAY 853.3875
C16 MAYDAY 853.3875

MAYDAY is for use by a lost or trapped firefighter. There is a 3-positon switch
on our portable radios (A,B & C) so no matter which position it is in, we simply
turn the selector dial to the farthest clockwise position and it will be on MAYDAY.


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Oct 30, 2009
I know that the 8 Tac, OR Ops and WA Ops freqs use 156.7 PL but do the fire simplex and mayday frequencies have tones or are they CSQ?

I also submitted the fire simplex and mayday freqs to each county.
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Jun 5, 2004
Thanks for re-posting this and refreshing my memory. Was looking for the list the other day. :)

I also wish it would be included in the RRDB, as you had mentioned. :confused:
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