Sometimes It's Better to Wait, Database Mistake

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Jul 15, 2014
Raleigh, NC
This weekend I've been doing some traveling and gathering/verifying info for RR along the way. Last night, tired after a long day of driving I submitted the information to the database. Unfortunately, I did not take the time to verify the information for one system and had entered an incorrect band plan in Unitrunker which gave incorrect frequencies being used. I did not catch it right away because my scanner was showing that it was receiving the channels. Only later did I realize there was no audio coming from the scanner. I had to submit three (YUP 3) notes correcting my mistake before I finally got it right. In my 5+ years of submissions this was my first major mistake.

Point being, first time submitter or seasoned member, it's a good idea to help the hard working Database Administrators and take a little time before we rush to submit new information. The old saying GIGO still applies today, Garbage In, Garbage Out.

My apologizes to you @GTR8000 and whoever gets the assignment for my Edgefield submission.
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