(TRX-1) SRRCS Trunktracking Issues

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Mar 22, 2018
Northern California
I live near Sac and I frequently listen to SRRCS (both the P25 and the SmartZone.) during the times which I am down in Sac County. Unfortunately there is a problem I have noticed. To better illustrate it, I will use a typical listening scenario on the SmartZone system.

I'm on the Sac Co Sheriff TG 1, and a conversation is taking place. Randomly, the reception just drops and signal strength goes way down, then 5 or more seconds later it picks back up and continue to hear the rest of the conversation. This happens more in the SmartZone and especially frequently on analog TGs.

Is this a common problem?
Does this have to do with there being multiple sites and/or multiple control channels in those sites?
How can I fix it?

*Attached is a zip file containing two fragments of the same conversation that occurred on SSD 8 on 10-09-2018. It will provide you with a better example of what I mean. Listen to frag 1 first.*

There is always some deep pulsating in the background of every recording I have of this system. If anyone can afford me an explanation, that would be great.


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