1. F

    BCD996P2: Trouble with programing Sacramento Regional Radio Communications System (SRRCS)

    Seeking assistance with programing SRRCS. At this time, I am not getting anything...not a single bleep. I have the Uniden BDC996P2, Discone Ant, programing it with ARC-XT Pro and RR. I am current on Firmware. I am in Roseville, CA within range of SRRCS, I receive Roseville's P25 just fine...
  2. D

    Sacramento Sheriffs' Office Unit Numbering

    Does anyone know the current unit numbering system for SSO (since they changed to SSO from SSD)?... I am an avid scanner and am wondering about the unit IDs or the unit numbering system. If you have info I thank you in advance.
  3. CopperWhopper67

    (TRX-1) SRRCS Trunktracking Issues

    I live near Sac and I frequently listen to SRRCS (both the P25 and the SmartZone.) during the times which I am down in Sac County. Unfortunately there is a problem I have noticed. To better illustrate it, I will use a typical listening scenario on the SmartZone system. I'm on the Sac Co Sheriff...
  4. CopperWhopper67

    SRRCS SmartZone vs SRRCS P25

    I live near Sacramento and am frequently listening to both the Sacramento Regional Radio Communications Type II SmartZone System, and the P25 System I hear plenty of traffic on the Sheriff Talkgroups (among others) on both systems. There are distinct differences between the two systems: P25...
  5. kf6olc

    I'm Confused?

    I have the Radio Shack Pro 668 handheld scanner. I want to program Law enforcement,Fire,EMS & Sheriffs of Sacramento County in my scanner. Sacramento County uses a combination of Motorola Type II SmartZone & Project 25 Phase I from reading RR. Do I enter both types systems & frequencies or do I...
  6. J

    Davis & UC Davis moving to Sac system

    The city’s current 5-channel radio system was installed in 2004 and is due to go end-of-life in 2017. After careful review, both UCD and the City came to the conclusion that combining on one system and joining the SRRCS made the most operational and financial sense. One system...
  7. mcjones2013

    Elk Grove "Gate" channel?

    Anyone know what Elk Grove detectives are referring to as the "Gate" channel? If you know, PM me (if you don't want it posted here). They said "let's try the gate channel" and then another unit said "okay switching", so I'm assuming it's a radio channel of some sort, but I could be wrong. I...
  8. mcjones2013

    Srrcs tg 5808, 5840, 5904

    Some 4-digit non-digital channels have been popping up on the SRRCS non-P25 system. They sound like fire training channels. I THINK it might be the Cosumnes CSD Fire Department Training Facility (who recently started a new academy class). 5808 - Referred to on-air as "OPS-1" 5840 - Referred to...
  9. T

    SRRCS and the PRO-197 Help

    I am having trouble with the Sac Regional Radio Communications System (P25 Phase I). I have all the correct trunked system frequencies programmed, along with the talkgroups. However, I am not picking up anything it seems like. I can occasionally hear SSD, but not any of the other 10 talkgroups I...
  10. A

    Problem scanning SRRCS with RadioShack Pro 163

    I used the ARC300 software to upload the Sacramento RRCS from I can hear audio on the various frequencies when I monitor them manually (and I see the talkgroup alpha tag), but when I trunk scan, it continually scans without picking up any audio. All of the frequencies and...
  11. A

    Sacramento SRRCS system down

    The Scramento fire trunking system as I know it, went down last night, any clues to what happened?