Understanding Talk Groups and Fleet Maps

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May 23, 2006
O.K.......For all the people that have a problem with me I gotta say somethin. I got my first scanner 5 years ago, I got my PRO-94 a year ago. I've screwed around withh both of them ALOT. I've read the manual to my scanners ALOT. Ive read stuff all over this website and its links. So when I'm asking a question it's not because I'm lazy, it's cause I really dont understand how to figure it out. I've got a learning disability and this stuff is like a different language to me. The point of this website is to ask questions. If you find my questions retarded or frusturating then dont reply, no ones twisting your arm. I've got a few days off work, I wanna try and figure some things out on my scanner that Ive been trying to figure out for a long time, and then I willl leave all of you alone. So if you can help me, it's appreciated, and if you dont want to, then dont, but I dont wanna hear how I'm not trying hard enough ***edit*** ....here's my question. I just programmed in the system frequencies for the Toronto Police. Is that all I can do, I mean, is that the best way I can listen to them on my PRO-94? I cant seem to understand what Talk Groups and Fleet Maps are for, or when and how I can use them or if they relate to what I've just programmed on my scanner? Also how can I figure out what is Off-set frquencies and base Frequencies to program in Motorolla VHF and UHF frequencies of the Toronto Police?
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