untitrunker and radio ids

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Feb 6, 2011
Cameron County, Tx
I was wondering if you all had the answer to this, the reason I want to use the unitrunker is to match the radio ids with the talkgroup ie say tg 432 is the dispatch for the fd(also tone out) and say tg 729 is listed as firehouse3 what I want to program is the actual vehicle and or the portable radio so if the firetruck from firehouse 3 is talking and the vehichle is called engine 9 under its radio id I want to program that in as engine 9 firehouse 3 a lot of times you will see the tg id but it could be someone else using it especialy when their is a lot of radio traffic ie when ems is on the scene as well, if I downloaded the site im monitoring to untrunker would it automatically do it for me or do I need to watch and listen closely when the radio ids are showing and what is being said and then manualy add it when I find out who the id belongs to from listing also when I do have the unitrunker working the signal shuts off when the tone out is used every time the ems or fire send a tone it shuts off wont record that id I have to hit the start button(radio with antenna picture) why is that? i really apprecite your alls help and knowledge my site im looking at is Brownsville tx ps I havnt set up the data logging yet because it says its sent to the hard drive and takes up space can I use a pen drive and have it sent to that? in the radio id spectrum how do you tell from portable and vehicle, by the numbers of digits? thanks again in advance


Feb 24, 2001
Hi storm;

The site window History tab will display radio ID and talkgroup ID for group calls.

Likewise, the History tab on an Group window (double-click on a group ID to see the group window) will show recent call & join history for that group.

Further, the History tab on a User window (double-click on a radio ID to see the user window) will show recent call history and join history for that radio.

This information is also saved to a text file - if you have site logging turned on.

Note that when you click the download tool button in the site window, you're actually downloading the whole system - not just that one site.

The program will capture IDs and tell you when two IDs are related but the text labels come from listening. When you hear something that tells you and ID "X" is the Engine 3, you can click through to type in a label for that radio ID. Likewise for new talkgroups (and corrections / edits to existing talkgroups).

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Dec 19, 2002
Wichita Falls, TX
in the radio id spectrum how do you tell from portable and vehicle, by the numbers of digits?
There is no way to tell by looking at radio IDs if the radio is a base, mobile, hand held, or console.

There are only two ways to tell:
1. Verify them by listening. You might be able to observe blocks of consecutive IDs for varios types of radios, departments, etc. depending on how the system administrator assigned them. Then you can put them in a wiki article like this http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Wichita_Falls_TRS_Radio_IDs
2. Get a list of radio IDs from the system administrator.

Radio IDs can change. If know that 1234567 is Engine 3, if the truck breaks and they are using a reserve engine it will probably have a different radio with a different ID. If a radio breaks or a hand held is lost or stolen and is replaced permanently or temporarily with another radio it will probably have a different ID.
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