Updated EFRS dispatch codes

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Jul 23, 2007
Edmonton, AB
Here is a list of current dispatch codes used by fire and ems.

EMS Dispatch Codes:

1. Abdominal Pains/Problems
2. Allergies/Hives/Red Reaction/Stings
3. Animal Bites/Attacks
4. Assault/Rape
5. Back Pain
6. Breathing Problems
7. Burns/Explosion
8. Carbon Monoxide/Inhalation/HazMat
9. Cardiac/Respiratory Arrest
10. Chest pain
11. Choking
12. Convulsions/Seizures
13. Diabetic Problems
14. Drowning (near) / Diving Accident
15. Electrocution
16. Eye problems / injuries
17. Falls / Back injuries (traumatic)
18. Headache
19. Heart Problems
20. Heat / cold exposure
21. Haemorrhage / lacerations
22. Industrial / machinery accidents
23. Overdose / ingestion / poisoning
24. Pregnancy / childbirth / miscarriage
25. Psychiatric emergency/suicide attempt
26. Sick person (specific diagnosis)
27. Stab / gunshot wound
28. Stroke (CVA)
29. Traffic accidents
30. Traumatic injuries, specific
31. Unconscious / fainting (non-traumatic)
32. Unknown problem (man down)

Fire Dispatch Codes:

51. Aircraft Emergency
52. Alarms
53. Citizen Assist/ Service Call
54. Confined Apace/ Structure Collapse
55. Electrical Hazard
56. Elevator/ Escalator Rescue
57. Explosion
58. Extrication / Entrapped ( Machinery, Vehicle
59. Fuel Spill
60. Gas Leak / Gas Odour (Natural and LP Gases
61. Hazmat
62. High Angle Rescue
63. Lightning Strike (Investigation)
64. Marine Fire
65. Mutual Aid/ Assist Outside Agency
66. Door (strange/ Unknown)
67. Outside Fire
68. Smoke Investigation (Outside)
69. Structure Fire
70. Train / Rail Incident
71. Vehicle Fire
72. Water Rescue
73. Watercraft In Distress
Jul 23, 2007
Edmonton, AB
With all of the codes there is a suffix code as well

A alpha...no lights or sirens, this is the least urgent
B bravo
C charlie
D delta
E echo, most urgent, eg: choking, cardiac arrest, and water rescues.


Apr 8, 2009
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
So Edmonton FD and EMS uses AMPDS Dispatch Protocols or ProQA Dispatch Protocols ? I listen to EFR and hear a lot of those code combination (like 10-Charlie-1, 26-Alpha-10 ...)

Also it is just me or dispatchers do not sound too professionnal (verry ironic, childish...)


Apr 8, 2009
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Are so sure you weren't listening to the EMS/Fire in house day care channel?

LOL. No. I'm listening to Edmonton Fire Radio feed. It's monitoring Edmonton City Fire and EMS dispatch. I shouldn't have said childish, but the dispatchers and EMS make comments about the calls like « He's not going sking for awhile » and stuff like that. I found it very unusual for professionnal to make such comments. It's entertaning but doesn't sound really professionnal.
Jul 23, 2007
Edmonton, AB
More extensive list of Fire and EMS Dispatch Codes as posted on the Edmonton Fire Radio facebook page

Alpha Response (Code 1) Low Priority
Bravo Response (Code 2) Mid Priority (calls that may involve First Responders)
Charlie Response (Code 3) Possibly Life Threatening
Delta Response (Code 3) Life Threatening
Echo Response (Code 3) Full Arrest or Imminent Death


Abdominal Pain
1D1 Not alert
1C1 Fainting or near fainting >50 y/o
1C2 Females fainting or near fainting 1250 y/o
1C3 Males w/ pain above navel >45 y/o
1C4 Females w/ pain above navel >45 y/o
1A1 Abdominal pain

Allergic Reaction
2E1 Ineffective breathing
2D1 Severe respiratory distress
2D2 Not alert
2D3 Condition worsening
2D4 Swarm attack (bees)
2D5 Snakebite
2C1 Difficulty breathing or swallowing
2C2 Special medications or injections used
2B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
2A1 No difficulty breathing or swallowing
2A2 Spider bite

Animal Bites
3D1 Unconscious or arrest
3D2 Not alert
3D3 Dangerous body area
3D4 Large animal
3D5 Exotic animal
3D6 Attack or multiple attack
3B1 Possibly dangerous body part
3B2 Serious hemorrhage
3B3 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
3A1 Not dangerous body area
3A2 Nonrecent injuries >6 hours
3A3 Superficial bites

(A=Assault / S=Sexual Assault)
4D1 Unconscious or arrest
4D2 Not alert
4D3 Abnormal breathing
4D4 Dangerous body area
4D5 Multiple victims
4B1 Possibly dangerous body area
4B2 Serious hemorrhage
4B3 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
4A1 Not dangerous body area
4A2 Nonrecent injuries >6 hours

Back Pain
5D1 Not alert
5C1 Fainting or near fainting >50 y/o
5A1 Nontraumatic
5A2 Nonrecent injuries >6 hours

Breathing Difficulty
6E1 Ineffective breathing
6D1 Severe respiratory distress
6D2 Not alert
6D3 Clammy
6C1 Abnormal breathing
6C2 Cardiac history

Burn Subject
7D1 Unconscious or arrest
7D2 Severe respiratory distress
7D3 Not alert
7D4 Explosion
7D5 Multiple victims
7C1 Building fire w/ persons inside
7C2 Difficulty breathing
7C3 Burns >18% BSA
7B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
7A1 Burns <18% BSA
7A2 Fire alarm unknown situation
7A3 Sunburn or minor burn

Hazardous Exposure
8D1 Unconscious or arrest
8D2 Severe respiratory distress
8D4 Not alert
8D5 Multiple victims
8D6 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
8C1 Alert w/ difficulty breathing
8B1 Alert w/o diffuclty breathing
8A1 CO alarmEMS requested

Cardiac Arrest
9E1 Not breathing at all
9E2 Breathing uncertain
9E3 Hanging
9E4 Strangulation
9E5 Suffocation
9E6 Underwater
9D1 Ineffective breathing
9B1 Obvious Death

Chest Pain
10D1 Severe respiratory distress
10D2 Not alert
10D3 Clammy
10C1 Abnormal breathing
10C2 Cardiac history
10C3 Cocaine
10C4 Breathing normally >35 y/o
10A1 Breathing nomrally <35 y/o

11E1 Choking verified/ineffective breathing
11D1 Not alert
11D2 Abnormal breathing
11A1 Not choking now

12D1 Not breathing
12D2 Continuous or multiple seizures
12D3 Irregular breathing
12D4 Breathing regularly not verified >35 y/o
12C1 Pregnancy
12C2 Diabetic
12C3 Cardiac history
12B1 Breathing regularly not verified <35 y/o
12A1 Not seizing now & breathing verified

Diabetic Problems
13D1 Unconscious
13C1 Not alert
13C2 Abnormal behavior
13C3 Abnormal breathing
13A1 Alert

14D1 Unconscious
14D2 Not alert
14D3 Diving or neck injury
14D4 SCUBA accident
14C1 Alert w/ abnormal breathing
14B1 Alert & breathing normally w/ injuries
14B2 Unknown status(3rd party caller)
14A1 Alert & breathing normally w/o injuries

(E=Electrocution / L=Lightning)
15E1 Not breathing/ineffective breathing
15D1 Unconscious
15D2 Not disconnected from power
15D3 Power not off
15D4 Long fall >6 feet
15D5 Not alert
15D6 Abnormal breathing
15D7 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
15C1 Alert & breathing normally

Eye Problem
16D1 Not alert
16B1 Severe eye injuries
16A1 Moderate eye injuries
16A2 Minor eye injuries
16A3 Medical eye problems

17D1 Dangerous body area
17D2 Long fall >6 feet
17D3 Not alert
17D4 Abnormal breathing
17B1 Possibly dangerous body area
17B2 Serious hemorrhage
17B3 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
17A1 Not dangerous body area
17A2 Nonrecent injuries >6 hours

18C1 Not alert
18C2 Abnormal breathing
18C3 Speech problems
18C4 Sudden onset of severe pain
18C5 Numbness or paralysis
18C6 Change in behavior
18B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
18A1 Breathing nomrally

Heart Problem
19D1 Severe respiratory distress
19D2 Not alert
19D3 Clammy
19C1 Firing of AICD
19C2 Abnormal breathing
19C3 Chest pain >35 y/o
19C4 Cardiac history
19C5 Cocaine
19C6 Heart rate <50 or >130
19B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
19A1 Heart rate >50 or <130 w/o symptoms
19A2 Chest pain <35 y/o w/o symptoms

Environmental Exposure
20D1 Not alert
20C1 Cardiac history
20B1 Change in skin color
20B2 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
20A1 Alert

21D1 Dangerous hemorrhage
21D2 Not alert
21D3 Abnormal breathing
21C1 Hemorrhage through a tube
21B1 Possibly dangerous hemorrhage
21B2 Serious hemorrhage
21B3 Bleeding disorder or blood thinners
21A1 Nondangerous hemorrhage
21A2 Minor hemorrhage

Industrial Accidents
22D1 Life status questionable
22D2 Caught in machinery
22D3 Multiple victims
22B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

(A=Accidental / I=Intentional / P=Poisoning)
23D1 Unconscious
23D2 Severe respiratory distress
23C1 Violent
23C2 Not alert
23C3 Abnormal breathing
23C4 Antidepressants
23C5 Cocaine
23C6 Narcotics
23C7 Acid or alkali
23C8 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
23C9 Poison Control request for response
23B1 Overdose w/o symptoms
23O1 Poisoning w/o priority symptoms

24D1 Breech or cord
24D2 Head visible
24D3 Imminent delivery >5 months
24D4 3rd trimester bleeding
24D5 High risk complications
24D6 Baby born
24C1 2nd trimester hemorrhage or miscarriage
24C2 1st trimester serious hemorrhage
24B1 Labor >5 months
24B2 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
24A1 1st trimester hemorrhage or miscarriage

Psychiatric Problem
25D1 Not alert
25B1 Violent
25B2 Threatening suicide
25B3 Near hanging
25B4 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
25A1 Nonviolent & nonsuicidal

Sick Call
26D1 Not alert
26C1 Cardiac History
26B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
26A1 Non priority symptoms
26A2 Boils
26A3 Bumps
26A4 Cannot sleep
26A5 Cannot urinate
26A6 Catheter problems
26A7 Constipation
26A8 Cramps/spasms
26A9 Cutoff ring request
26A10 Deafness
26A11 Defecation/diarrhea
26A12 Earache
26A13 Enema
26A14 Gout
26A15 Hemorrhoids/piles
26A16 Hepatitis
26A17 Hiccups
26A18 Hungry
26A19 Nervous
26A20 Object stuck
26A21 Object swallowed
26A22 Penis problems
26A23 Rash/skin disorder
26A24 STD
26A25 Sore throat
26A26 Toothache
26A27 Transport only
26A28 Wound infected

Stab/Gunshot/Penetrating Trauma (S, G, or P)
27D1 Unconscious or arrest
27D2 Not alert
27D3 Central wounds
27D4 Multiple wounds
27D5 Multiple victims
27B1 Nonrecent injuries >6 hours / central wounds
27B2 Known single peripheral wound
27B3 Serious hemorrhage
27B4 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
27A1 Nonrecent >6 hours / peripheral wounds

28C1 Not alert
28C2 Abnormal breathing
28C3 Speech or movement problems
28C4 Numbness or tingling
28C5 Stoke history
28C6 Breathing normally >35 y/o
28B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
28A1 Breathing normally <35 y/o

Traffic Collision
29D1A Major incident (aircraft)
29D1B Major incident (bus)
29D1D Major incident (train)
29D1E Major incident (watercraft)
29D2A High mechanism (allterrain)
29D2B High mechanism (motorcycle)
29D2C High mechanism (autopedestrian)
29D2D High mechanism (ejection)
29D2E High mechanism (personal watercraft)
29D2F High mechanism (rollover)
29D2G High mechanism (vehicle off bridge/height)
29D4 Pinned
29D5 Not alert
29B1 Injuries
29B2 Multiple victims (one unit)
29B3 Multiple victims (addtional units)
29B4 Serious hemorrhage
29B5 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
29A1 1st party caller w/ nondangerous injury

Traumatic Injury
30D1 Dangerous body area
30D2 Not alert
30D3 Abnormal breathing
30B1 Possibly dangerous body area
30B2 Serious hemorrhage
30A1 Not dangerous body area
30A2 Nonrecent injuries >6 hours

Subject Unconscious
31E1 Ineffective breathing
31D1 Unconscious
31D2 Severe respriatory distress
31D3 Not alert
31C1 Alert w/ abnormal breathing
31C2 Cardiac history
31C3 Multiple fainting episodes
31C4 Single or near fainting episodes & alert
31C5 Female 12-50 y/o w/ abdominal pain

Medical Nature Unknown
32D1 Life status questionable
32B1 Standing, moving, sitting, or talking
32B2 Medical alert notification
32B3 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

(T=Transfer / I=Interfacility)
33D1 Suspected cardiac or respiratory arrest
33C1 Not alert (acute change)
33C2 Abnormal breathing
33C3 Significant hemorrhage or shock
33C4 Possible acute heart problems or MI
33C5 Acute severe pain
33C6 Emergency response requested
33A1 No priority symptoms
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Jul 23, 2007
Edmonton, AB

Aircraft Emergency
51A1 Airborne Aircraft
51A1 Stand BY
51B1 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
51C1 Aircraft Incoming Full Emergency (Alert II)
51C2 Aircraft Incoming Minor Emergency (Alert II)
51D1 Aircraft Crash (Alert III)
51D2 Aircraft Crash Involving Structure (Alert III)
51D3 Aircraft Fire on Ground (Alert III)

52A1 Burglar Holdup Alarm
52A2 Medical Alarm
52B1 Residential (Multiple)
52B2 Residential (Single)
52B3 NonDwelling Structure (Shed, Garage, Call Box)
52B4 Mobile Home, House Trailer, Portable Office
52B5 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
52C1 High Life Hazard
52C2 High Rise
52C3 Commercial Structure

Citizen Assist / Service Call
53A1 Locked Out of Vehicle (Unoccupied)
53A2 Down Trees and Objects
53A3 Hydrant Problems
53A4 Sewer Problems
53A5 Water Main Break
53A6 Other
53A1 Locked in Vehicle (NonMedical Assistance)
53A2 Locked In/Out of Dwelling (NonMedical Assistance)
53A3 Citizen Assist (NonMedical Assistance)
53A4 Animal Rescue
53A5 Water Problem
53B1 Locked In Vehicle (Possible Medical Assistance)
53B2 Locked In/Out of Dwelling (Possible Medical Assistance)
53B3 Citizen Assist (Posibble Medical Assist)
53B4 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
53C1 Water Problem with Electrical Hazard

Confined Space / Structure Collapse
54B1 Entrapment (Unconfirmed)
54C1 Entrapment (Unconfirmed) with Hazardous Materials
54D1 Entrapment (confirmed)
54D2 Entrapment (Confirmed) with Hazardous Materials

Electrical Hazard
55A1 Transformer Outside (Wire or Pole)
55A2 Appliance with No Odor Present
55B1 Electrical Arching
55B2 Wires Down with No Smoke or Arching
55B3 Appliance with Odor Present
55B4 Electrical Odor
55B5 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
55C1 Electrical Hazard with or near Water
55C2 Wires Down with smoke or arching

Elevator / Escalator Rescue
56O1 Elevator Malfunction No Occupants Inside
56O2 Escalator Incident Not Caught (with or without injuries)
56A1 Elevator Malfunction Occupants Inside
56B1 Elevator Malfunction Occupants Inside (Medical Condition Present)
56B2 Caught (Escalator) with no injuries
56B3 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
56D1 Entrapment (Escalator) with injuries

57B1 Vehicle Explosion
57B2 NonStructure Explosion
57B3 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
57D1 High Life Hazard
57D2 High Rise
57D3 Commerical Structure
57D4 Residential (Multiple)
57D5 Residential (Single)
57D6 Large NonDwelling Structure (Barn, Storage Building)
57D7 Small NonDwelling Structure (Shed, Detached Garage)
57D8 Large Fuel/Fire Load Vehicle
57D9 Mobile Home, House Trailer, Portable Office

Extrication / Entrapped (Machinery, Vehicle)
58B1 Entrapment (Unconfirmed)
58B2 No Longer trapped
58D1 Entrapment (Confirmed)

Fuel Spill
59B1 Uncontained Spill <50 Gallons
59B2 Contained Spill <50 Gallons
59C1 Uncontained Spill >50 Gallons
59C2 Contained Spill >50 Gallons
59C3 Unknown Situation (Investigation)

Gas Leak (Natural and LP Gases)
60B1 Outside Tank Leak <5 Gallons
60B2 Outside Odor
60C1 Outside Tank Leak >5 Gallons
60D1 Inside Rupture/Tank Leak (Odor)
60D2 Outside Rupture (Odor)

61A1 Abandoned Waste
61B1 Small Spill (<5 Gallons)
61C1 HazMat (Contained)
61C2 Illeagal Drug Lab
61D1 HazMat (Uncontained or moving)
61D2 HazMat Fire (Outside)
61D3 Illeagal Drug Lab Fire (Outside)
61D4 Illeagal Drug Lab (Uncontained or Moving)

High Angle Rescue
62B1 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
62D1 High Angle Rescue

Lightning Strike (Investigation)
63B1 Residential (Single)
63B2 NonDwelling Structure (Shed, Garage)
63B3 Mobile Home, House Trailer, Portable Office
63B4 Outside Lightning Strike
63B5 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
63C1 High Life Hazard
63C2 High Rise
63C3 Commerical Structure
63C4 Residential (Multiple)

Marine Fire
64B1 Extinguished Fire
64D1 Threatened Structure or Other Boats
64D2 Docked in Coastal Water
64D3 Docked in Inland Water
64D4 Beached in Coastal Water
64D5 Beached in Inland Water
64D6 Coastal Water
64D7 Oceanic Water
64D8 Inland Water
64D9 Dry Dock

Mutual Aid / Assist Outside Agency
65A1 Mutual Aid to Incident (Single Unit)
65A2 Assist Outside Agency (Single Unit)
65A3 Mutual Aid Move Up/Cover (Station Assignment)
65A4 Mutual Aid to Staging Area
65B1 Mutual Aid to Incident (Single Unit)
65B2 Assist Outside Agency (Single Unit)
65D1 Mutual Aid to Incident (Multiple Units)
65D2 Assist Outside Agency (Multiple Unit)

Odor (Strange / Unknown)
66A1 Odor Inside
66A2 Odor Outside
66C1 Odor with Patients

Outside Fire
67O1 Controlled Burn
67A1 Transformer (Wire or Pole)
67A2 Extinguished Fire
67B1 Small Outside Fire
67B2 Small Outside Fire with hazardous materials present
67B3 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
67D1 Wildland Fire
67D2 Brush/Grass Fire
67D3 Large Outside Fire
67D4 Large Outside Fire with hazardous materials

Smoke Investigation (Outside)
68A1 Light Smoke
68A2 Odor of Smoke
68C1 Heavy Smoke

Structure Fire
69C1 Appliance Fire (Contained)
69C2 Extinguished Fire
69D1 High Life Hazard
69D2 High Rise
69D3 Commerical Structure
69D4 Residential (Multiple)
69D5 Residential (Single)
69D6 Chimney
69D7 Large NonDwelling Structure (Barn, Storage Building)
69D8 Small NonDwelling Structure (Shed, Detached Garage)
69D9 Mobile Home, House Trailer, Portable Office
69D10 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
69E1 Person on Fire (Inside)
69E2 Trapped in Structure Fire

Train / Rail Incident
70O1 Moving Train
70B1 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
70D1 Structure Involved
70D2 Derailment Below Ground
70D3 Derailment Elevated (Above ground)
70D4 Derailment at Ground Level
70D5 Derailment in Tunnel
70D6 Fire on Board Below Ground
70D7 Fire on Board Elevated (Above Ground)
70D8 Fire on Board at Ground Level
70D9 Fire on Board in Tunnel
70D10 Vehicle(s) Involved

Vehicle Fire
71A1 Vehicle Fire (Extinguished)
71B1 Vehicle Fire
71B2 Large Fuel/Fire Load Vehicle (extinguished)
71C1 Vehicle Fire Threatening NonStructure
71C2 Vehicle Fire in Parking Garage (Parkade)
71D1 Vehicle Fire with Threatened Structure
71D2 Tanker or TractorTrailer (Semi) with Flammable Cargo
71D3 Large Fuel/Fire Load Vehicle
71E1 Vehicle Fire (Occupants Trapped)

Water Rescue
72A1 Animal Rescue
72B1 Stranded Motorist (Nonthreatened)
72B2 Unknown Situation (Investigation)
72E1 Sinking Vehicle
72E2 Ice Rescue
72E3 Swift Water Rescue
72E4 Scuba Dive Accident
72E5 Swimming Pool Rescue
72E6 Coastal Water Rescue
72E7 Inland Water Rescue
72E8 Oceanic Water Rescue

Watercraft in Distress
73B1 Out of Fuel
73B2 Engine Will Not Start
73B3 Run Aground
73B4 Flare Sighting (other than Orange or Red)
73D1 Taking on Water
73D2 Person Overboard
73D3 Flare Sighting (Orange or Red)
73D4 Unknown Situation (Investigation) test


Apr 8, 2009
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Thanks. EMS indeed uses AMDPS.

How does EMS unit id works? I sometime hear : 3-Alpha and other time 3-Alpha-6. If this info in on the FB page, please direct me to it because i'm having trouble finding the codes you provided me.

Also, what is a complex card?

Thanks for the assistance all of you provided to me to enable me to understand what I hear on the feed. By the eay EdmontonFireRadio, your feed is AWESOME!
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Dec 14, 2009
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
The first number is the shift which isn't vital in the dispatch. Most units are Alpha as it's a holdover back to the days when their were ALS (Alpha) and BLS (Bravo) units. Now all are paramedics. PRU is Paramedic Response Unit and Sierra are supervisors.
Complex card is a detailed drawing of an area say West Edmoton mall or a multi unit unit unit. They used to be carried on cardboard in the units now it is on computer.
Jul 23, 2007
Edmonton, AB
Hi, Ralph.

Thank you for the complement on the feed. Lana and I are glad you are enjoying it. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the service feel free to drop us an email. By the way, if you have time while you are listening come into the chat room on the Edmonton Fire Radio website. We have quite a few firefighters and EMS that use the room. One of the dispaatchers even comes in from time to time while on duty to talk with listeners if the workload permits. Gives a unique view on things that are happening in the city.

To expand on what a complex card is, it is basically a map of the facility, to include room numbering, extinguishing systems (post indicator valve, Fire Department connections), drains, secondary containment, ventilation systems, and hydrant locations.

Hope this helps,



Jul 30, 2007
Okotoks, AB
26A22 makes me laugh everytime.

I picture the dispatch centre erupting in "26A22!! We have a 26A22 in progress!!"



Jul 8, 2012
Alberta, Canada
LOL! Penis problems/pain. That has to be an embaraqsing call to dispatch! Is it a frequent call?

not so frequent. I have never used this code or heard it used, but trauma to the penis/groin area is common and pain in the groin (from a traumatic event) can be caused from an unstable/broken pelvis. The accumulation of blood in the pelvic area can be painful too. Guys crashing their quads and dirt bikes can injure their pubic areas and then there is a condition called a hydrocele which can be painful, especially if you get hit in the groin area.
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