Waterloo Trunking question

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Dec 21, 2004
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You will be able to verify which LCN is assigned to each RF channel by using a second radio to monitor voice comms while watching channel assignments on the EDACS decoding application. Is that clear enough?
Crystal. I have trunking scanners, so this is not an issue.

And what do you mean when you refer to "the correct order of primary and secondary CCs"?
Hmm. Well perhaps my understanding of these systems is incorrect (I'm certainly not a scanner expert)

The EDACS system in question is this one in Waterloo. When setting up my radios, and on advice from people within these forums, it was suggested I enter the control channels into my trunking scanner in exactly the same order as depicted here

The source is RadioReference, and clearly refers to "primary" and "alternate" control channels. That's what I meant.

So my questions are:

Does the order of CCs (primary and alternate) matter?

Is there a difference between primary and secondary CCs, and if those in charge of the system switched the position of one or two of the channels, how would that affect my ability to monitor the system?

In response to a question on discriminator taps in another thread, I was told there is no difference ".............they rotate the control channel among all the channels daily, so technically there is no distinction between Primary and Alternate control channels. They are all just Control Channels".

I may be barking up the wrong tree here about the order of these CCs, and something else is going on, but the system has changed for me, and I don't know what has caused it.

Within my computer system, when a talkgroup becomes active, a "tag" (example 'Kitchener Division') replaces the talkgroup id, and the tag is streamed to a listener's Winamp player. It works very well. However now, there are times when instead of the tag being sent, one of the CC shows up as active and an actual CC frequency is displayed without any voice, and it's not always the same CC.

Just listening to the system I get the feeling I should have heard something. An answer to a question, or something like that. I'm missing some transmissions, and can't figure out what is causing it.

If I can rule out an error in the chart above, or eliminate the possibility it's a control channel issue at all, that would save me the trouble of adding a discriminator tap to my 996t to know for sure.

I know it's frowned upon, but I'm going to double post this in the trunking forum as well in hopes of getting suggestions.

Any advice or comment from anyone is certainly appreciated.




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Jun 26, 2001
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Duplicate thread.

I've asked a moderator to move the other thread to this forum. Please use that thread to continue.
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